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  • MVVM and Client API

    The widget has inherent integration with the Model-View-View-Model feature of the Kendo UI framework, giving you two-way binding capabilities between the UI and the underlying observable model. Additionally, it exposes rich client API for various customizations or custom logic implementations.
  • Data Binding

    Use the DataSource component to bind the TreeList control to static arrays, dynamic objects, local or remote data, or even SignalR hubs.
  • Export

    Export the data from the TreeList to Excel or PDF using configuration settings, and apply additional customization to the exported file where needed.
  • Easily Present Hierarchical Data

    Display self-referencing data in a user-friendly manner with the Kendo UI TreeList widget. It combines the features of the TreeView widget (hierarchy, expand/collapse, load on demand) and the Grid (columns, data editing, sorting, filtering, aggregates).
  • Aggregates

    Kendo UI TreeList lets you display aggregate values in the column footers, such as min, max, average, sum, count, etc.
  • Filter Row

    Give your users a great way to filter the items in their lists to get the data view they need by displaying a filter row as the first row at the top of the list. Once you set a simple property to show the filter row, the jQuery TreeList component will add a filter for the appropriate date type at the top of each column.

    See the jQuery Treelist filter row demo

  • Row Template

    Delight your users by defining a template to customize the layout of the rows in your TreeList. Common uses include alternating rows, binging images to data, conditional formatting, font and color styling and anything you can imagine—the entire row is your playground. All you need to do is define the template in script tags and the view will be rendered with HTML table row elements.

    See the jQuery TreeList row template demo

  • AngularJS Integration

    You can use Kendo UI and AngularJS together when building an application, plugging in the TreeList widget too.
  • CRUD Operations

    The TreeList widget supports CRUD operations, enabling your users to edit, insert, and delete via a visual UI and apply the changes on a data source level. Supported editing modes: inline or in a popup.
  • Sorting and Filtering

    Your users can easily sort and filter data by manipulating the header tiles or the filter menu.

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