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  • Overview

    You can easily and dynamically generate barcodes for your website, with based on any text you provide.

  • Integration

    With the flexibility always found within a Telerik control, the barcode control can easily integrate into any other HTML5 control.

  • Barcode Types

    Your web application can create a barcode to fit any requirement thanks to the various industry-standard types available. From Barcode standards like EAN8, CODE39, and CODE128 to QR Codes and more, Kendo UI DataViz has your barcode needs covered.

  • Image or Logo Support

    Specify any image or logo to include as an overlay for your jQuery Barcode. This is great for finishing touches then you want your app's branding to pop! A related feature includes a Swiss overlay comply with Swiss QR-Bill standards. 

    See the jQuery Barcode custom logo demo


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