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  • All Essential Chart Types

    Sleek, interactive and consistent across all platforms and devices, Kendo UI supports all commonly used chart types:

    • Bar or Radar to compare several data sets
    • Pie or Donut chart to visualize a piece of data as part of a whole
    • Line or Area to monitor trends
    • Bullet chart to compare quantitative against qualitative measures
    • Scatter or Bubble to visualize the correlation in a set of engineering data
    • Box Plot to graphically depict your statistical data
    • Waterfall to represent cumulative effect of consecutive positive or negative values
    • RangeBar to visualize value ranges over time
    • Funnel to represent the stages in a process
    • Polar to plot engineering data in a polar coordinate system
    • Sparklines to provide context to your data
  • Binding to Local, Remote or Grouped Data

    Use just a few properties to bind your Kendo UI chart to the data source best suiting your project: local, remote or grouped data. 

  • A Number of Data Types

    The Kendo UI Charts support various data types. Depending on the chart type, numerical data can be distributed on the X-axis over other numberscategories (strings) or points in time (DateTime).

  • Client-Side Rendering for Better Performance

    The Kendo UI Chart is rendered completely through JavaScript, thus being server platform agnostic and boosting the performance of your app.

    By default the control is powered by Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), allowing animations and interactivity in modern browsers with a fallback to Vector Markup Language (VML) for older browsers. Canvas rendering is also supported when higher fps rate is required for frequent/live data updates.

  • Simple-to-Customize Look and Feel

    You can either use the automatic axis setup and layout adjustment to have the Kendo UI Chart decide how to best position its elements, or take advantage of the built-in customization options for the axes, labels, tooltips, title, legend, etc. and quickly alter the alignment and appearance yourself.

  • Chart Animations

    For even smoother user experience, the Kendo UI Charts offer intuitive build-in animations. For instance, a hover over the series name in the legend highlights the entire series in the chart, while a click, hides or shows it, so you and your users can focus on the more interesting data.

    Chart loading animations, interactive tooltips, cross-hair support for easy data visualization tracking are also supported.

  • Multiple Axes and Chart Series on The Same Plot

    To achieve a more comprehensive and informative use of your data, Kendo UI also offers the freedom to combine similar chart types and display a number of series together. You can also define multiple value axes to present the data against more than one value scales. 

  • MVVM and Client API for Max Flexibility

    Respond to user actions or build upon the core chart functionality by handling the client-side events triggered upon hovers and clicks on the series, or using two-way binding for your UI and data via MVVM. To implement custom functionality simply use the exposed arguments.

  • Built-In Themes to Make Styling Even Faster

    Use a single property to apply any of the 11 sleek and ready-to-use built-in themes and create a consistent look across your apps, while saving design and front-end valuable development time. And if you want to add your custom flavor, you can simply customize the chart elements in the markup or use the Kendo UI ThemeBuilder to build your own custom theme 

  • Mobile Support

    Why do you need to build a mobile version of your app when the same application can work equally well on mobile and desktop devices?

    Thanks to the Kendo UI adaptive rendering, your Chart will work across all devices and will handle touch events in the same manner as if triggered by a keyboard or a mouse.

  • Cross-Browser Support

    Using the Kendo UI Charts, you can be sure that your app will look and behave as expected across all browsers.

    Read the full list of supported browsers


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