Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC


  • Easy Customization Through Templates and Colors

    Use custom colors for each item, or apply client-side templates to adapt Telerik ASP.NET MVC TreeMap to your scenario.
  • Hierarchical Data Visualization

    The ASP.NET MVC TreeMap component displays tree-structured data as a set of nested rectangles. Each branch of the tree is given a rectangle, which is then tiled with smaller rectangles representing sub-branches. By construction, the TreeMaps make efficient use of space. As a result, they can legibly display thousands of items on the screen simultaneously.

  • Tiling Algorithms

    Choose from several built-in algorithm types when deciding how to visualize data—horizontal, squarified and vertical.
  • Export to PDF

    Export the content of the TreeMap control to PDF and easily customize the look and feel of the exported file to match user requirements.

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