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Media Player

  • Overview

    • Plays any HTML5-supported video formats
    • Supports YouTube video
    • Built-in rich toolbar and HD video version
    • Responsive behavior
  • YouTube Video Support

    In addition to playing video and audio files from a local or remote source, the MediaPlayer also offers tight integration with the YouTube media provider. YouTube is a renowned video-sharing web page and listed as second most popular website worldwide. Having that in mind, we designed the MediaPlayer widget to offer this feature built-in, which will be immensely helpful for any organization working with video materials.

  • Responsive Behavior

    The MediaPlayer component automatically resizes its area to display the video in the most suitable way within the provided dimensions. The responsive web design of the MediaPlayer is shipped out-of-the-box and intends to save you time and efforts when developing your responsive applications.

  • Timeline

    The media timeline slider enables users to see how long they have watched or listened to the media file.

  • Supported Video Formats

    The MediaPlayer widget works with all HTML5 video formats supported by the different browsers.

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