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Numeric TextBox

  • Intuitive MVC Numeric Textbox

    Leverage the ASP.NET MVC Numeric Textbox and create an intuitive input form that’s specifically designed for numbers, currency and percentages.

  • Client and Server Validation

    The MVC Numeric Textbox component can utilize the built-in client and server validation of ASP.NET MVC. This ensures that you can properly display validation messages if a data-processing error has occurred.

  • Inherit Kendo UI Framework Features

    Telerik NumericTextBox comes with other standard Telerik Kendo UI framework features like a user-friendly experience, enhanced mobile, keyboard and RTL support, globalization, and rich API with a comprehensive set of events.

  • Floating Labels

    Floating labels (labels which reside inside the input elements they describe) are becoming more and more popular and a staple of Material Design. They are supported out of the box in our Numeric TextBox component with just a flick of an attribute.

  • Select on Focus

    It’s common for users to want to type right-away after selecting an input element. To promote this, enable the SelectOnFocus attribute on the Numeric Textbox. This will cause focusing the element (via keyboard, mouse or else) to automatically select the contents of the textbox and thus typing immediately after selection will override any other old value.

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility is always a serious concern when creating web applications. The Telerik MVC Numeric Textbox offers full compliance with Section 508 and WCAG guidelines.


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