Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC


  • Orientation and Rendering

    The Timeline provides two ways of visualization: Horizontal and Vertical. In the Horizontal rendering, you have the possibility to enable scrolling, while the Vertical mode allows you to have collapsible events and provides you with the possibility to render them on both sides of the timeline axis. 


  • Overview

    The new Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC Timeline control lets you visualize a set of events in a chronological way. The usage of Cards for events rendering provide you with the ability to customize them and visualize the data in a preferable manner.
  • Event Templates

    The Timeline uses Card for its events rendering, which allows you to define templates for them. You can place any buttons, links or whatever is needed in them, in order to render your content in the best possible manner.
  • DataBound Component

    The Timeline is a databound component, allowing you to consume data from various endpoints, such as odata or webapi. 
  • Keyboard Navigation

    Users who prefer to use their mouse as little as possible would appreciate the built-in keyboard support for the Drawer. The component is fit to be navigated with only a keyboard by pressing the arrow keys to move around, Space to select the current item and Escape to close it. 

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