Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC


  • Flexible MVC ComboBox

    The ASP.NET MVC ComboBox control enables the entering of a new value or selecting from a list of predefined values. A richer version of the standard HTML select, MVC ComboBox provides support for local and remote data binding, item templates and configurable options for controlling the list behavior.


  • Server and Client Filtering

    Leverage the various modes of filtering, on both the server and client-side of your MVC application. These filter modes can include starts with or contains, and can facilitate the customization of how and when the results are displayed.

  • Cascading ComboBox

    Guide the input from your users, enabling related lists to cascade from one to another by setting a single property.

  • Fully Customizable

    With ASP.NET MVC ComboBox you get to pick one of the eleven out-of-box themes or use a style of your own to bring a consistent UI throughout your entire application. 

  • Inherit Kendo UI framework features

    Using the Telerik ComboBox, you’ll leverage other standard Telerik Kendo UI framework features like a user-friendly end user experience, enhanced mobile, keyboard and RTL support, templates and rich API with a comprehensive set of events.


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