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ASP.NET MVC File Manager

  • The ASP.NET MVC FileManager allows users to browse through directories and files, akin to file managers like Windows Explorer, and manage file storage within their web applications.
  • This control is part of the Telerik ASP.NET MVC suite along with 100+ full-featured UI components, designed to build rich & responsive web apps for any device twice as fast.
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  • Overview 

    The Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC FileManager is an Explorer-like component which enables you to manage files and folders. This control offers all operations you would expect from it—uploading, deleting or moving files, as well as creating, deleting or copying folders. This powerful component gives you features like Drag and Drop, Sorting, Filtering and built-in DataSource configuration. 
  • Built-in DataSource Configuration

    The FileManager component allows integration with various backend services. This way, you dictate the backend operations and file handling. 
    Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Data Binding
  • Sorting & Filtering

    Sorting and filtering are also available as features in the FileManager component. Sorting can be accessed through a dropdown menu in the toolbar and by clicking the header of the columns in grid view.  


    Filtering can be accessed from a button in the toolbar which opens a pop-up window. The fields will depend on the metadata of files. For the date fields a set of predefined selectors will be provided and on "Custom" a DateRangePicker will be available. 

  • Drag and Drop

    The ASP.NET MVC FileManager component also allows you to manipulate the files with drag and drop. This provides you with an easy way to move files in folders in a seamless manner.

    See the ASP.NET MVC FileManager Drag and Drop demo
  • RTL Support

    Right-to-left support is available for language scripts like Hebrew and Arabic, in which users read from right to left. You can satisfy any cultural preference with the Captcha component by toggling between left-to-right and right-to-left alignment with only a few settings. 
    Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC RTL Support

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