ColorPalettes provide users with a selection of predefined colors for various design or styling purposes, making color selection easier.

Globalization Support

Out of the box, the Telerik and Kendo UI ColorPalette delivers globalization support which enables you to adapt the component to different cultures by providing options to translate its text messages (localization support) and also by allowing you to render its content in a right-to-left direction (RTL support).


By default, the ColorPalette shows its messages in American English (EN-US). To change the displayed language, include an additional localization script file in the document, which will replace the default messages in the component prototype with their equivalent translations.


Right-to-Left (RTL) support represents the ability of a library, website, or application to handle and respond to users who communicate through right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and others.

The Telerik and Kendo UI ColorPalette comes with built-in RTL support, and enables you to render its content and set its position from right to left.