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10 Game-changing Features
in Visual Studio 2013
for the ASP.NET Developer

October 2013 brought a new release of Microsoft’s Visual Studio, ushering in some of the most dramatic changes to ASP.NET since the introduction of the framework in .NET 1.0.

This whitepaper will review 10 of the most important changes, and explain what makes them so valuable for ASP.NET developers. You will learn why Visual Studio 2013 is worth the upgrade, regardless of which version you are currently running: 2012, 2010, 2008, or 2005.

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Learn the important benefits:

  1. Single web project type
  2. Security configuration wizard
  3. Enriched scaffolding options
  4. BrowserLink
  5. Intellisense improvements
  1. New Bootstrap templates
  2. Project_Readme file
  3. Simplified deployment to the cloud
  4. References indicators
  5. Integrated Git Source Control

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