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WinUI TimeBar

  • Тhe WinUI TimeBar is a time-bound DataVisualization control allowing scrolling and navigation through data spanning over large time periods.
  • Part of the professionally-designed Telerik UI for WinUI library controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, Visual Studio Extensions and more!
WinUI TimeBar control header
  • TimeBar Visualization Capabilities

    The TimeBar control is a comprehensive DataVisualization component designed for managing time-based data. Its primary goal is to facilitate smooth scrolling and navigation through extensive time periods. The TimeBar’s true potential is realized when combined with the Chart control to showcase trends in vast data collections. This feature-rich control offers a multitude of capabilities, including the ability to define special slots, utilize commands, implement custom intervals and formats and much more.

    See the WPF TimeBar control docs: Overview

    WinUI TimeBar control Overview
  • Intervals

    Effortlessly navigate through extensive time periods using an intuitive user interface that displays time periods ranging from milliseconds to centuries.

    See the WPF TimeBar control docs: Intervals Formatters

    WinUI TimeBar control Intervals
  • Special Slots

    The TimeBar control in WinUI simplifies the process of marking specific intervals within its visible range as special slots. With the ability to specify a time range generator, you can easily designate weekends as special slots and visualize them in distinct colors. This feature allows for clear differentiation and enhanced visualization of weekends within the TimeBar control.

    See the WPF TimeBar control docs: Special Slots

    WinUI TimeBar control Special slots
  • Custom Intervals and Formats

    Leveraging the Telerik UI for WinUI built-in predefined interval types, ranging from milliseconds to centuries, you can handle most scenarios. For all the custom scenarios that the predefined intervals do not cover, the TimeBar control supports custom interval type implementations. Additionally, you can specify different formats for each interval.

    See the WPF TimeBar control docs: Custom Interval Types

    WinUI TimeBar control Custom intervals and formats
  • Commands Overview

    The TimeBar control in Telerik UI for WinUI offers a range of predefined commands, allowing you to efficiently manage its behavior while keeping your logic separate from the UI layout. These supported commands provide various options to modify the visible time period of the control and select specific group intervals, offering greater control and flexibility in adjusting its behavior.

    See the WinUI TimeBar control docs: Commands Overview

  • Integration with Charts

    With just a few lines of code, you can seamlessly incorporate the Telerik UI for WinUI Chart with the TimeBar component. This integration not only enhances the end-user experience but also empowers users to delve deep into your data, enabling them to explore and analyze it in detail.

    WinUI TimeBar control Integration with Chart
  • Localization

    You can easily localize any string resource utilized by the TimeBar control thanks to the built-in localization mechanism in the Telerik UI for WinUI. This mechanism simplifies the process of adapting and translating various strings within the control to suit different languages or regional preferences.

    See the WPF TimeBar control docs: Localization

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