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  • Overview

    SpreadProcessing for WinUI is a document processing library that enables you to work with spreadsheet documents—create new ones from scratch, modify existing documents or convert between the most common spreadsheet formats. You can save the generated workbook to a local file, stream, or stream it to the client browser. 

  • No External Dependencies

    SpreadProcessing for WinUI is completely independent from external libraries or UI. Process Microsoft Excel documents without having Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office or any third-party spreadsheet software installed on the client or server. 

  • Theming

    Easily make your workbook formatting consistent. Use out-of-the-box Document themes to set the colors, fonts, and various graphic effects and apply the style to the entire document or create your own. 

  • Find and Replace

    The SpreadProcessing Find and Replace APIs enables you to substitute text and numbers in the spreadsheet document. The Find API helps define the search terms and values, where in the document to search them and how to treat specific results, such as formulas behind numeric values, differences in case and multiple occurrences. The Replace API allows replacing the matches with a new value. 

  • Copy/Paste

    Add or copy worksheets, cells and cell ranges within or across workbooks. You can fine-tune the appearance of the pasted content by specifying formatting options like paste values, formulas, control number and visual formatting and more. 

  • Styling

    Ensure your cells are formatted consistently. Styles allow you to simultaneously apply a set of predefined or custom format options to cells across your entire workbook to set cell fonts, colors and font sizes, borders, alignment and more. 

  • Worksheet Protection

    Worksheet protection options allow you to enable or disable a set of editing commands for users to protect the content and structure of your worksheet from modifications, with and without a password. 

  • Workbook Protection

    Enable workbook protection to ensure that no sheets are added, deleted, renamed or rearranged by users inside the workbook. 

  • Page Setup

    Page setup allows users to adjust the size and layout of a worksheet when printing or export it. They can change anything from paper size, orientation, margins, header and footer settings, breaks, scaling options for fitting rows and columns on a single page and many more. 

  • Merge and Unmerge Cells

    You can merge two or more adjacent cells into a single cell that spans over multiple rows and columns. 

  • Data Validation

    Data validation allows you to controls what types of values users can input into a cell. You can set certain criteria the data should meet, such as upper or lower case only, numeric or text values, maximum characters or even use a formula to prevent duplicates.   

  • Rows and Columns

    The API of the workbook model allows you to set several spreadsheet row and column attributes. You can manually specify a column width or row height or change the column width to fit its contents with the help of AutoFit functionality automatically. Additionally, the hidden state of each row or column can be set to allow users to hide certain rows and columns in the spreadsheet. 

  • Shapes and Images

    Insert, position and delete images and shapes in worksheets through a dedicated API. 

  • Cells

    Cells form where rows and columns intersect in a worksheet and serve as the essential unit for organizing and manipulating data. In  SpreadProcessing, you have a full set of tools to work with cells. Define value and formatting settings, such as fill, border, font, wrapping, number format, text rotation indentation and many more. In addition, predefined cell value types are available to help you easily work with any type of data. 

  • Autofill and Series

    The autofill function enables you to automatically fill series of values into worksheet cells, based on a pattern. The SpreadProcessing API allows you to set cell values to repeat other cell values or apply algorithms for linear, linear trend, exponential, exponential trend sequences and date series. 

  • Grouping

    Grouping is an excellent feature for organizing and outlining spreadsheet data. It allows users to group rows or columns in sections that can be expanded and collapsed. By combining rows or columns into sections, users can hide parts of the data, while still keeping it available in the document. 

  • Sorting

    Sorting is a feature that allows you to create, adjust and apply data sorting logic to select parts of the spreadsheet, such as rows, columns and ranges. Data can be organized in ascending and descending order, by Fill and ForeColor values or by custom sorting logic. 

  • Filtering

    WinUI SpreadProcessing comes with built-in functionality for filtering spreadsheet data. Out of the box, you can filter data by values or value ranges and time period. You can also leverage predefined filters, such as Top, Bottom, Above Average, Fill and ForeColor to perform advanced filtering or use custom logic to create your own filters.   

  • Formulas

    Formulas help users calculate cell values using various functions in a spreadsheet. Make use of more than 200 functions built into WinUI SpreadProcessing and easily plug custom formulas whenever you need to. 

  • Hyperlinks help users jump to a specific section of the workbook, open a local file or an external website address. You can add, remove, edit and search for hyperlinks in the worksheets. 

  • Workbooks and Worksheets

    Spreadsheet documents, sometimes called simply workbooks, house data in a single or across multiple worksheets. The rich API of SpreadProcessing for WinUI offers various settings for controlling the workbook and worksheet theme, named ranges, protection, and rows and columns access. 

  • Supported Formats

    Common spreadsheet file extensions and formats, including XLSX (Excel Workbook), XLS (Excel 97-2003 Workbook), CSV, plain text and PDF (export only), are fully supported in the Telerik SpreadProcessing library. 

  • Number Formats

    You can set cell values to number formats in order to display them in your desired format. The SpreadProcessing library supports predefined number formats, including Number, Currency, Date, Time, Text, as well as custom formats. 

  • Named Ranges

    Named ranges are collections of cells that can be easily accessed by the name they’ve been given. The feature enables users to refer to the same range of cells multiple times or incorporate a predefined cell range in formulas. You can use the named ranges on workbook and worksheet levels. 

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