UI for WinUI

WinUI CollectionNavigator

  • When your data collection needs a UI for seamless editing and navigation, look no further than the WinUI CollectionNavigator. Its look and logic are fully customizable, making it the perfect navigation choice.
  • Part of the professionally-designed Telerik UI for WinUI library controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, Visual Studio Extensions and more!
  • Overview

    The WinUI CollectionNavigator component enables editing and navigation of a given data collection. For example, you can navigate through multiple pages and edit or delete a single item.

    See the WinUI CollectionNavigator documentation

    WinUI CollectionNavigator Overview
  • Customizable Buttons and Commands

    Take advantage of the customization options for the WinUI CollectionNavigators. You can change the buttons' look and feel and the commands' behavior so that they meet your needs.

    WinUI CollectionNavigator Customizable Buttons
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