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WinUI NumericBox

  • Best in class WinUI NumericBox control comes with support for minimum and maximum value ranges, read-only mode, watermark support and culture aware localization.
  • Part of the professionally-designed Telerik UI for WinUI library controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, Visual Studio Extensions and more!
Telerik UI for WinUI NumericBox
  • Overview

    The Telerik NumericBox for WinUI is a TextBox control that provides functionality for selecting numeric values within a predefined range. The control’s convenient API enables you to easily customize its behavior best to fit the business requirements of your WinUI application.

    Documentation on Getting Started with Telerik UI for WinUI NumericBox 

  • Minimum and Maximum Value

    The NumericBox for WInUI has properties that enable you to define the range of its value.

  • Custom Value Format

    The control supports custom-defined formats of its value.

  • Culture Aware Localization Support

    A culture-aware feature that allows you to localize the settings.  

  • Read-only Mode

    In the read-only mode, the control cannot be directly edited through the keyboard.

  • Visibility of Increase/Decrease Buttons

    The control spin buttons can be visible or hidden.

  • Watermark support

    The WinUI NumericBox provides built-in support for visualizing content when the textbox is empty and unfocused.

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