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WinUI Tab Control

  • Create tabbed navigation in WinUI applications with the Telerik UI for WinUI Tab Control.
  • Part of the professionally-designed Telerik UI for WinUI library controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, Visual Studio Extensions and more!
WinUI Tab Control Component
  • Overview

    The Tab Control for WinUI allows the creation of tabbed navigation user interfaces in WinUI applications. Controls are placed in the content area of the tabs and the user can switch between multiple tabs and access more features of the app.

    WinUI Tab Control
  • Data Binding

    The tabs can be defined in both data-bound mode and unbound mode. Using the data-bound mode, the control is connected to a collection of objects, XML or WCF services and DataTemplates to define the content of each tab.

    WinUI Tab Control - Data Binding
  • Layout

    Tabs can be arranged in a single row or in a multi-line fashion.

    WinUI Tab Control - Layout
  • Tab Scroll

    When the available space is not enough to fit the open tabs, two scrolling buttons appear in the Tabstrip area to allow the user to navigate between the tabs. The scroll mode can be configured to scroll per pixel, per item or with the viewport width. 

    WinUI Tab Control - Tab scroll support
  • Overflow

    Another feature to use when the tabs width exceeds the tab strip area is the Wrap overflow mode, in which case tabs will be placed on multiple lines.

    WinUI Tab Control - Overflow
  • Accessing Tabs

    The RadTabControl features a configurable drop-down button displayed at the end of the tab strip, where it lists all open tabs, making it easy for the user to access all tabs at any time.

    WinUI Tab Control - Accessing tabs
  • Additional Content

    The tab header area of the control features a special area where additional content of your choice can be placed, e.g., a new tab button, status indicator or anything else that may be needed.

    WinUI Tab Control - Additional content
  • Flexible Customization

    The control is extremely customizable—from defining the tab items position, alignment, orientation, size and style to customizing the close, pin, left, right and overflow buttons. The TabStrip color, position and text orientation properties are also readily configurable.

    WinUI Tab Control - Customization
  • Pin and Close

    Each tab features a pin button that will pin the tab in the beginning of the header area, as well as a close button to remove the tab from the control.

    WinUI Tab Control - Pin and close
  • Drag Reorder

    Tab reordering can be easily enabled with a single property, allowing users to rearrange the order of the tabs in the tab area.

    WinUI Tab Control - Drag reorder
  • Selection

    The Tab component for WinUI features selection capabilities, enabling users to change the selected tab via a mouse click. Alternatively, the tab can be programmatically changed with the available API. Configuring the control behavior when the user closes a tab is also readily available.

    WinUI Tab Control - Selection
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