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WinUI PdfViewer

  • The Telerik UI for WinUI Pdf Viewer enables displaying and working with PDF documents in WinUI applications.
  • Part of the professionally-designed Telerik UI for WinUI library controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, Visual Studio Extensions and more!
WinUI Pdf Viewer Component
  • Overview

    The WinUI Pdf Viewer control allows you to display PDF documents natively in WinUI applications without using any third-party tools but the Telerik UI for WinUI toolbox. Some of its best features include page navigation, zoom, pan, text search and annotations. Thanks to its built-in UI virtualization, the RadPdfViewer delivers a stellar performance in every scenario.

    WinUI PdfViewer Control
  • Flawless PDF Browsing Experience

    Users can enjoy a familiar PDF browsing experience with the readily available options to open a file, change pages, zoom, fit page, rotate page, pan and text selection tools. 

    WinUI PdfViewer Control - Flawless Pdf browsing experience
  • Great Performance with Large Documents

    Displaying the pages in the Pdf-Viewer component is fully virtualized in order to ensure fast document loading and smooth page scrolling even with large PDF documents.

  • Saving a Document

    The toolbar in the PdfViewer control enables users to save the currently viewed PDF file locally.

    WinUI PdfViewer Control - Saving a Document
  • Fonts

    The WinUI PdfViewer features support PDF documents using TrueType, Type1, Type3 and CID fonts.

    PdfProcessing - Type 3 Font Support
  • Printing Support for Windows 11

    In the initial release of the PdfViewer, there was no printing support due to framework limitations. Now this is possible, but currently only available on Windows 11. You can print either using the Print method of the control or through the UI by displaying the print button in the toolbar.

    Telerik UI for WinUI PdfViewer Printing Support for Windows 11
  • Encrypted Documents Support

    To render a PDF document, this document needs to be decoded with the corresponding decoder. RadPdfViewer supports wide variety for decoders in order to ensure support for wide range of pdf documents.

    • ASCIIHexDecode
    • ASCII85Decode
    • LZWDecode
    • FlateDecode
    • RunLengthDecode
    • CCITTFaxDecode
    • JBIG2Decode
    • DCTDecode
    • JPXDecode
  • Customization

    The control features rich API for customization of its appearance and toolbar, as well as the ability to customize the template of the toolbar.

    WinUI PdfViewer Control - Customization
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