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WinUI PdfViewer

  • The Telerik UI for WinUI Pdf Viewer enables displaying and working with PDF documents in WinUI applications.
  • Part of Telerik WinUI suite, brought to you by the creators of Telerik UI for WPF & WinForms.
  • Comes with rich documentation, demos, and industry-leading support. 
WinUI Pdf Viewer Component
Nasa, Visa, Microsoft Fox, Samsung, IBM World Bank Group, Volvo
  • Overview

    The WinUI Pdf Viewer control allows you to display PDF documents natively in WinUI applications without using any third-party tools but the Telerik UI for WinUI toolbox. Some of its best features include page navigation, zoom, pan, text search and annotations. Thanks to its built-in UI virtualization, the RadPdfViewer delivers a stellar performance in every scenario.

    WinUI PdfViewer Control
  • Flawless PDF Browsing Experience

    Users can enjoy a familiar PDF browsing experience with the readily available options to open a file, change pages, zoom, fit page, rotate page, pan and text selection tools. 

    WinUI PdfViewer Control - Flawless Pdf browsing experience
  • Great Performance with Large Documents

    Displaying the pages in the Pdf-Viewer component is fully virtualized in order to ensure fast document loading and smooth page scrolling even with large PDF documents.

  • Saving a Document

    The toolbar in the PdfViewer control enables users to save the currently viewed PDF file locally.

    WinUI PdfViewer Control - Saving a Document
  • Fonts

    The WinUI PdfViewer features support PDF documents using TrueType, Type1, Type3 and CID fonts.

    PdfProcessing - Type 3 Font Support
  • Encrypted Documents Support

    To render a PDF document, this document needs to be decoded with the corresponding decoder. RadPdfViewer supports wide variety for decoders in order to ensure support for wide range of pdf documents.

    • ASCIIHexDecode
    • ASCII85Decode
    • LZWDecode
    • FlateDecode
    • RunLengthDecode
    • CCITTFaxDecode
    • JBIG2Decode
    • DCTDecode
    • JPXDecode
  • Customization

    The control features rich API for customization of its appearance and toolbar, as well as the ability to customize the template of the toolbar.

    WinUI PdfViewer Control - Customization
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