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The first Telerik and Kendo UI release of the year has arrived! Check out everything that's new, including new components, hundreds of improvements and the all-new Telerik UI for Blazor.

At Progress, we pride ourselves on the day zero support our Telerik and Kendo UI products provide for new development frameworks and tooling. As engineers ourselves, we like to tinker with newest technologies – both at work and at home. Transferring what we’ve discovered into articles and easy to use products is what drives every one of us – ultimately seeing you productive and successful in creating sleek and modern user interfaces.

The R1 2019 release builds on that drive and promise to you to be the first to market, and today we maybe go even one step further – throwing our support behind the still experimental Blazor framework from Microsoft. And of course, bringing you over 50 new components and 300+ improvements across all frameworks and platforms. Read on for more details, and for those of you who just want to get the bits right away, you can get them here.

Telerik UI for Blazor – Early Preview

If you haven’t heard of Blazor, you should really check it out. Built by Daniel Rorth and Steve Sanderson as an experimental .NET web framework embracing WebAssembly to target web applications using C# and HTML. You read that right, your C# compiles to WebAssembly so no need for JavaScript! While the Blazor website itself provides a lot of information, I particularly liked the session Microsoft’s John Galloway gave at our annual DevReach conference which really explains Blazor very well in less than 40 minutes - Blazor – A New Framework for Browser-based .NET Apps (DevReach 2018).

By being the one of the first teams to throw our support behind a what is currently an experimental framework, we want to help Blazor mature faster and ensure the ecosystem around it is ready for all of you who are as passionate about it as we are.

So, what’s in the early preview of Telerik UI for Blazor? Today we are releasing our own Data Grid for Blazor with some essential first functionality like data binding, sorting, paging, theming etc. In addition to the Blazor Grid, we are also releasing two more components – the Blazor Button and TabStrip! As this is a preview our resources are a bit limited, but you can sign up and get ahold of a copy of the bits via our NuGet repository by following this link.

We will follow-up this announcement with more blogs, including how to get started, over the next couple of days so keep an eye out for more information on how to start using these components!

We've just published a detailed blog post by Ed Charbeneau on how to get started with Telerik UI for Blazor. Go check it out! Introducing the Telerik UI for Blazor Early Preview

With this being a preview, we are looking forward to working with a few of you on advancing our Blazor suite further. Give it a try and email Carl Bergenhem, Product Manager for Blazor (and a few other web products 😊) with your impressions on how it is working and what you’d like to see next.

Telerik Line of Products – Summary

December is usually a slow month for developer news but Microsoft changed that with several major announcements made at the Connect() conference. In case you missed it, there were a few previews announced and thanks to our tight connection with Microsoft, we were able to release support for Visual Studio preview and .NET Core 3.0 on December 4.

The R1 2019 release formalizes our support for Visual Studio 2019 and .NET Core 3.0 Preview in all our installers and brings a bunch of new controls for your web, mobile and desktop applications. While not a comprehensive list, below are our Telerik release highlights. Make sure you check out the release notes for each product to learn about everything that is included.

Web – Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core, MVC and AJAX

  • New MultiViewCalendar and DateRangePicker components, new grid features for ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core
  • New MultiColumnComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX

Mobile – Telerik UI for Xamarin

  • New PDFViewer, Popup, and DockPanel controls
  • New scheduling features, including add/edit and recurring appointments
  • Header and footer support in ListView
  • Localization and globalization support

Desktop – Telerik UI for WPF and WinForms

  • New NavigationView (AKA Hamburger), Diagram Ribbon UI and HyperlinkButton controls for WPF
  • Charts support in RadSpreadsheet and RadSpreadProcessing and Expression Editor support for custom functions in WPF
  • New TabbedForm, FontDropDownList, ButtonTextBox and TimeSpanPicker controls for WinForms
  • New grid features, including TimeSpan editor and TimeSpan column for WinForms; new MultiColumnComboBox column and support for high-performance asynchronous exporting for WPF
  • New CrystalDark theme for WinForms

Reporting, Testing, and Productivity Tools

  • Improved Web Viewers User Experience and Report Definitions Localization for Telerik Reporting
  • Scalability of the Report Scheduling Service, Improved Report Preview User Experience and Report Definitions Localization for Telerik Report Server
  • Deploy report rendering engine along with the reports web service on .NET Core – both on Windows and Linux

Kendo UI Line of Products – Summary

The R1 2019 release is adding a slew of new Kendo UI controls, numerous grid improvements, and native support for Vue, rounding out Kendo UI’s native support for three of the most popular JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, and Vue).

  • For Vue developers, we have the most exciting news: the initial, jQuery-free, native suite of components for Vue is here! This suite is being introduced with the new Vue Grid. For the existing Vue.js component library, we also introduced the MultiViewCalendar, DateRangePicker, Ripple, ScrollView, and Switch components.
  • For React developers, we continue down the path of providing jQuery-free, native to React widgets, which now include new controls: TreeView, Splitter, Window, Upload, MaskedTextBox, DropDownButton, SplitButton, and Toolbar. Also, the team added several enhancements to the Grid that improve its performance and extensibility.
  • Our Angular components have been improved in many ways. For example, we now provide expanded editing options with the RichTextEditor component. We have also enhanced the Scheduler to support resources and custom data models binding, along with a few other features.
  • And on, for many, the beloved jQuery front, we enhance an already strong suite of 70+ jQuery components with new MultiViewCalendar, DateRangePicker, ScrollView, and Switch components, as well as a Material Theme support in the ThemeBuilder.

More on all this is at the Kendo UI blog.

R1 2019 Release Blog Posts

While this blog post provides a high-level overview, you will want to check out these in-depth blog posts which cover all new features in detail.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core
Telerik UI for Blazor (Preview) Telerik UI for WinForms Telerik UI for WPF
Telerik UI for Xamarin  
Telerik Reporting Telerik Report Server
Telerik JustMock  
Kendo UI for jQuery Kendo UI for Angular Kendo UI for React
Kendo UI for Vue


Feedback Portal and Documentation is Now Supercharged

But wait, there is more! We have also released a new experience for gathering your feedback about all our products. We’d especially appreciate you pulling our new release today, and sharing your feedback at to help us shape the future of our Kendo UI and Telerik line of products.

In addition, we completed the revamp of our documentation portal. With the new portal you now have all-in-one portal with easy way to locate reference articles, and request help right from documentation, as well as contribute to documentation in case you see an improvement that can be made.

Sign Up for Release Webinars

Seeing is believing, so register to see all the new features – WEBINARS ARE COMING UP FAST! It will help you to follow along easily if you download the latest release here.


Date/Time: Friday, January 18th @ 11:00 am - 12 pm EST Register Now

Kendo UI

Date/Time: Tuesday, Jan 22, 11:00 AM ET - 12:00 PM ET Register Now

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