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New controls, new features, new themes and more. Check out what's inside the latest releases of Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC and Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core.

You’ve probably heard it by now, but just in case I’ll mention it here as well: the R1 2019 release is here! I wanted to take the time to take y’all through the latest and greatest in Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core!

Brand New Components



The DateRangePicker gives end-users an easy way to select a range of dates through a drop down. The popup displayed will contain two calendars to make it easy to select an appropriate range of dates.



The MultiViewCalendar is similar to the DateRangePicker in the sense that it offers a way for users to interact with two calendars at the same time. Of course, this component takes up a little more real estate than the DateRangePicker (since we don’t use a popup for this component) but it’s still a great component to use for many applications.



In case you’re not aware, the Material Design guidelines call for a “ripple” effect for animations and various interactions. You see this quite often when interacting with a button or a checkbox. This is a bit tricky to add on your own, so we released our own Ripple component to help you add this animation to any of your own HTML elements.

Hybrid UI Components Migrated



You probably instantly recognized the ScrollView by the image above. The dots at the bottom and the left and right navigation elements kind of give it away. This traditionally was just available in our hybrid UI tool set, but with R1 2019 we’ve now added this as a standalone widget to be used in ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Core applications.



The Switch component was also available in the hybrid UI library, and we also wanted to make sure that desktop or responsive web applications (even PWAs) built with MVC or Core could utilize this component. Now it has never been easier to have a quick toggle button added to your application.

Material Theme lands in the ThemeBuilder

Thanks to The ThemeBuilder, customizing any Kendo UI theme is as easy as selecting a color through a color picker or plugging in your own HEX values. All of our UI components are rendered on the page and any changes that you make will automatically update all of the components right before your eyes.

With the latest release of the ThemeBuilder we have included support for the Material theme to make sure you can select from a wide range of predefined color swatches or create your own from scratch!

Scaffolding & Razor Pages

Another feature that we added to the ASP.NET Core suite specifically is the new scaffolding templates. These templates can be used to cut down on development time and automatically use some of our UI components and CSS primitives for certain types within the fields on your models. To start taking advantage you simply have to install the scaffolding templates in to your Visual Studio instance and follow the guidelines that we provide in this documentation article.

These templates can be used in both MVC and Razor Views by the way.

Since I brought up Razor Views I also wanted to mention that as of R1 2019 we officially support Razor pages with all UI for ASP.NET Core components.

TreeView Performance Boost

One of the biggest improvements that we did to an existing component came to the TreeView component. We took a good look in to the code behind the widget and realized there were optimizations that could be made. Thanks to this we have improved the performance across not just the rendering of the TreeView, but also during many of the interactions that you might do with the component (filtering, expanding, etc.). For more information you can refer to this blog post which goes in to the juicy details!

Upcoming Webinar

We covered quite a bit here, but there’s always more to see! Not only in the MVC and Core products, but also in all of the other .NET-based products that we offer. That’s why I wanted to end this blog post by mentioning that you should join the R1 2019 Telerik release webinar, taking place on January 18th at 11 AM ET. For more information head on over to the webinar page and sign up today! Keep in mind that seats are limited so make sure you snag that seat as quickly as possible!

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Carl Bergenhem

Carl Bergenhem was the Product Manager for Kendo UI.

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