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New Addition to the Progress Telerik Mascot Family

We’re thrilled to reveal the new ambassador of the Telerik Test Studio brand—celebrate with us as we share the details of how it came to life and how it relates to our product and customer promise.

Our users know that here at Progress, the Telerik Test Studio team always strives to deliver a flawless user experience with an ever-improving user interface. Our main goal is to offer a testing platform that can automate any web or desktop application, regardless of code complexity, team size or delivery process.

Over the years, the stack of technologies Test Studio automates has evolved to cover almost anything—from legacy .NET web technologies like ASP.NET AJAX, Core and Silverlight to the modern .NET and JavaScript frameworks like Blazor and React.

With each development update, we work hard to ensure that everyone from experienced software engineers to junior testers can solve even the most complex test scenarios, effortlessly and rapidly.

Test Studio was updated this year with an entirely new test recording interface and a fully redesigned test troubleshooting experience. We also tripled the speed of test execution with headless browser support and added both training programs and lots of other exciting enhancements. To keep the momentum going, we also decided that a great tool like Test Studio deserved an iconic symbol.

The Creative Process

The idea of creating a character felt like a great addition to the Test Studio brand. It would personify our product and connect the tool and the solution in a relatable way. It would represent the same value promise we make with Test Studio—competence, experience, imagination and reliability.

We imagined a protagonist who could portray human emotions and superpowers and fit right into the Progress Telerik brand, proudly represented by the Telerik Ninja and Kendo UI Kendoka mascots. After all, Test Studio is the only tool on the market with exclusive support for applications built with your favorite Telerik and Kendo UI components. And just like that, the newest member of the Progress Telerik mascot family was born—the Test Studio Ninja!

New Addition to the Progress Telerik Mascot Family

Who Is the Test Studio Ninja?

The mascot was born out of hard work, cross-functional-team effort, and the desire to be open and inclusive and to try new things. Tech-savvy and smart, the Test Studio Ninja builds automated tests, catches stubborn regressions, confronts flaky tests, wards off software bugs and is always at the center of the action.

The Ninja is the guide that helps maneuver our tool and resolves all kinds of testing challenges. Analytical, dynamic, multitasking and observant, the Test Studio Ninja is the player you need on your team to ensure efficient testing cycles, stability and commitment according to the highest quality standards. Alert, courageous and a true guardian, the Test Studio Ninja wants to innovate and deliver success.

New Addition to the Progress Telerik Mascot Family

The Test Studio Ninja was created in Sofia and, together with the rest of the heroes in the family—Kendo UI Kendoka, the Fiddler Samurai and the Telerik Ninja—has an exciting and fun journey to share with you.

The Creative Message

Every visual element we used manifests the personality of the character—a mysterious, but likeable and confident figure, who is skillful on their own and knows when to use the right tools to become even more efficient. A true ninja who is emotionally intelligent and self-aware.

The intended message is also supported by a color scheme. Orange, a color high in visibility, pops out to catch attention and highlight one of the most important elements of the design—the shield, representing Test Studio’s ability to uncover and protect from software bugs and regressions.

Dark blue, by contrast, balances the orange with its allusion to tranquility, loyalty, peace and protection. Soft, neutral gray used for the toy-like-shaped sword directs the attention where it needs to be. The Test Studio Ninja also embodies the values Progress stands for, reflecting the uniqueness of the community we all are part of. The Test Studio Ninja brings out the best in everyone and encourages you to tap into your own unlimited potential.

Where To Find the Test Studio Ninja?

Our ambition is to use the Test Studio Ninja whenever we want to add a bit of flair and individuality to visuals, content and publications. You will soon be able to follow the Ninja’s adventures on the Test Studio Overview Page, social media, our blog and all our campaigns to come, so make sure you pay Test Studio regular visits. The Ninja will always have something adventurous in mind for you!

About Test Studio

With one of the most intuitive visual test recorder interfaces on the market and the industry’s first patent-pending element location logic, combining an object’s ID and image, Test Studio eliminates bottlenecks with regression testing, increases test coverage across UI, RESTful APIs and load scenarios, and helps keeping the entire team productive and in the loop.

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About the Author

Jasmina Stoyanova

Jasmina Stoyanova is a Senior UX Designer at Progress. With more than 15 years of experience, a doctoral degree and a solid graphic design background, her latest work is focused on bridging the gaps between design, engineering and business. Author of various publications on user experience, product design and psychology, she is also enthusiastic about the worlds of Augmented and Virtual Realities. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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