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Test Studio shifts focus toward web testing. The shift is aimed at providing maximum value for your highest priority web testing needs.

Why Web Testing?

Testing your website or web application properly could have huge impact on how visitors see your brand or product. It is a philosophy of Test Studio, which by the way hosts a gang of very passionate QA's and automation engineers, to always provide our customers with excellent test automation experiences and make sure new, user requested, and industry acclaimed features are shipped with each release of Test Studio.

Based on customer feedback and product usage, we have decided to shift focus and dedicate our Test Studio engineering resources to web testing, including support for web-related load testing, responsive web testing, and web services testing. The shift will help ensure that we can provide maximum value to customers for their highest priority projects. That means that we will be discontinuing the Test Studio mobile native/hybrid application testing (Mobile Testing Feature).

Moving at the Speed of Agile

The massive shift towards agile practices requires substantial investment into continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) and continuous testing methods to support fast-paced software development environments and frequent application delivery.

The ability to execute quick and stable test automation is an inseparable part of this process. In order to enhance our customer’s test execution and flexibility, we’re adding one free Test Studio Run-Time license per each Test Studio Ultimate license seat, for all existing and new customers.

What Does This Mean Going Forward?

Discontinuance of Mobile Testing Feature

We are providing you with notice that the change related to the Mobile Testing Feature will be implemented starting with the R1 release of Test Studio on March 31, 2020, and as of this date support will be provided for the Mobile Testing Feature until March 31, 2021, in accordance with the applicable terms of the Progress End User License Agreement available at:

After March 31st, 2021 the Mobile Testing Feature will no longer be part of the Test Studio Product.

However, if you are currently using the Mobile Testing Feature and choose not to update to a newer release you may continue to use the Test Studio Product previously licensed to you for the duration of your existing license.

R1 2020 Release

The Test Studio Mobile Testing Feature in R1 2020 can be initiated using the executable in the installation directory:

\<Your Path>\Progress\Test Studio\Bin\MobileStudio\Telerik.MobileTesting.exe

The documentation related to the Mobile Testing Feature will remain available online until March 31st, 2021.

Automated Responsive Web Testing

With the R2 2020 Release the Test Studio team introduced the new responsive testing test type to help you test your web application's layout, functionality and behavior on mobile and desktop browsers, easily, without learning curve or coding. Launching responsive web testing is part of our efforts to provide a full-feature web testing solution and help users cover the most prominent as well as application specific web testing needs.

If you are looking for a smart way to test the responsive web design of your application on desktop and mobile browsers, you shall not look further. Test Studio allows you to create responsive tests as easy as it is to create web tests. The new responsive web testing type helps you improve your test automation coverage and ensure your app's responsive UI and functionality on any device, regardless of screen or browser size.

What's more—Test Studio comes with ready to use functionality to create responsive tests on multiple simulated devices which fully eliminates the need of repetitive testing, switching browser modes or devices.

Automated responsive web testing is available in Test Studio Ultimate which offers an all-in-one test automation solution for agile teams.

Free Run-Time License for All Test Studio Ultimate Customers

All new and existing Test Studio Ultimate licensees will receive one free Test Studio Run-Time license with each user license. (An existing Test Studio Ultimate licensee is a licensee who holds a perpetual Test Studio Ultimate license and/or a “term” or “subscription” based Test Studio Ultimate licensee who is currently in an active license period for which all relevant accrued license fees have been paid).

The free license for perpetual license holders will be an add-on to existing license and supported under and for the remainder of your existing maintenance and support subscription. Free license for term/subscription license holders will last for the remainder of your existing subscription/term license.

Your Feedback Is Important to Us

We’re ready and able to assist you at any time. Please reach out to your account manager or contact me directly at Thank you for your continuing support.

If you are new to Test Studio, give it a try. Don’t forget to share how you find Test Studio’s web testing capabilities. Your feedback is appreciated and will help us deliver a product that is right for your and your fellow testers' needs.

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About the Author

Iliyan Panchev

Iliyan is a Senior Product Manager at Progress, responsible for the Telerik testing solutions, including Test Studio and JustMock. In the mid ’00s, he started his career in software development as a game tester because he loves video games, and eventually he realized that breaking software is fun. He believes that a good Quality Assurance Engineer should be involved in all phases of the software development process. Iliyan, now as a Product Manager, has a new objective—to relieve the QA engineer of the challenges associated with test automation and help them have more pleasant and rewarding workdays.

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