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The change is intended to provide maximum value for your highest priority projects.

Based on customer feedback and product usage, we plan to focus our Test Studio engineering resources on web testing, including support for web-related load, responsive and web services testing. This shift will help ensure that we can provide maximum value to customers for their highest priority projects. That means we will be discontinuing the Test Studio mobile native/hybrid application testing (“Mobile Testing Feature”).

The massive shift towards agile practices requires substantial investments into CI/CD methods for frequent application delivery. The ability to execute quick and stable test automation is an inseparable part of this process. In order to enhance our customer’s test execution and flexibility, we’re adding one free Test Studio Run-Time license per each Test Studio Ultimate license seat, for all existing and new customers.

What Does This Mean Going Forward?

Discontinuance of Mobile Testing Feature

We are providing you with notice that the change related to the Mobile Testing Feature will be implemented starting with the R1 release of Test Studio on March 31, 2020 and as of this date support will be provided for the Mobile Testing Feature until March 31, 2021 in accordance with the applicable terms of the Progress End User License Agreement available at: https://www.telerik.com/purchase/license-agreement/teststudio.

After March 31st, 2021 the Mobile Testing Feature will no longer be part of the Test Studio Product.

However, if you are currently using the Mobile Testing Feature and choose not to update to a newer release you may continue to use the Test Studio Product previously licensed to you for the duration of your existing license.

R1 2020 Release

The Test Studio Mobile Testing Feature in R1 2020 can be initiated using the executable in the installation directory:

\<Your Path>\Progress\Test Studio\Bin\MobileStudio\Telerik.MobileTesting.exe

The documentation related to the Mobile Testing Feature will remain available online until March 31st, 2021.

Future Plans and Research for Responsive Testing

The Test Studio team is working on a new Responsive testing feature that will allow you to check the appearance and functionality of your web applications in any device resolution. We would like to provide the best and most complete Web test automation tool. This is why we chose to develop the Responsive testing feature along with the other major UI/UX product improvements and features.

Future plans described in this communication are intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision. We may decide to add new features at any time depending on our capability to deliver products meeting our quality standards. The development, releases and timing of any features or functionality described for Telerik products remains at the sole discretion of Progress. Nothing in this communication represents a commitment, obligation or promise by Progress to deliver or otherwise make available any products or product features at any time in the future.

Run-Time Licenses for Test Studio Ultimate Customers

All new and existing Test Studio Ultimate licensees will receive one free Test Studio Run-Time license with each user license. (An existing Test Studio Ultimate licensee is a licensee who holds a perpetual Test Studio Ultimate license and/or a “term” or “subscription” based Test Studio Ultimate licensee who is currently in an active license period for which all relevant accrued license fees have been paid).

The free license for perpetual license holders will be an add-on to existing license and supported under and for the remainder of your existing maintenance and support subscription. Free license for term/subscription license holders will last for the remainder of your existing subscription/term license.

We’re Here to Help

We’re ready and able to assist you at any time. Please reach out to your account manager or contact me directly at Iliyan.panchev@progress.com. Thank you for your continuing support.

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About the Author

Iliyan Panchev

Iliyan is a Product Manager for Telerik Testing Solutions, including Test Studio and Mobile Testing. Ten years ago he started as a game tester, because he loves video games, and eventually he realized that breaking software is fun. He believes that a good Quality Assurance Engineer should be involved in all phases of the software development process.

Now as a Product Manager Iliyan has a new mission—to unburden the QA engineer from the test automation problems and to make the tester's workday a more pleasant one.

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