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How does framework fatigue affect you as a quality professional?

Framework fatigue is frequently associated with software architects, managers, and of course frontend developers. The term has grown in popularity as new JavaScript libraries and frameworks emerge resulting in intra-team factions, endless evaluations and when a framework is finally selected – the uncertainty that a future-proof path has been selected.

How does this uncertainty impact you as a quality professional? Have you been invited to the table for this conversation? Do you know if the tools you use today provide future agility for the uncertainty that lies ahead?

When your colleagues in engineering finally do select a framework, they are likely to leverage components to ensure optimal performance and visual appeal of the UI. Ensuring test-automation compatibility up front for any and all components used can save quality professionals time and frustration.

A good example is the growing adoption of Blazor, which is a free and open source framework developed by Microsoft, allowing developers to create web applications using C# instead of JavaScript. We’ve seen traction not only in the adoption of Blazor itself, but also in the adoption of 3rd party native component suites such as our own Telerik UI for Blazor.

Check in with your counterparts in development – see if they are planning to adopt a new framework, or productivity components. If so, ensure that the automation platform you use will be compatible.

When it comes to compatibility, our popular solution for web automation, Telerik Test Studio, aims for day zero support of browser updates and provides native support for web frameworks and components – from Blazor to React and everywhere in between.

Read about the latest release which includes support for our Blazor components or watch the recent webinar where our team takes you through all the new features.

About the Author

Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy is the Director of Business Development for Developer Tooling (Telerik & Kendo UI product lines) at Progress and is based in San Francisco, CA. Daniel has a passion for technology, a vision for product, and a story to tell. When he is not at the keyboard, you’ll likely find him behind a camera at sunrise. You can follow Daniel on Twitter @dlevy.

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