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We had a great time during our long-awaited Adopting Blazor webinar last week. We had a great crowd, a lively discussion and tons of great questions. For those of you who could not attend, you can watch the webinar recording HERE for free. There is a lot of excitement in the air about Telerik UI for Blazor 2.1.1 with full support for the latest Blazor and .NET Core 3.0, along with new components and a number of significant improvements. Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter and recap these great questions. 

Will I be able to use this with SQL Server and calling stored procedures?
The business layer is independent from Blazor, so you can use whatever you need. 

Where can Visual Basic .NET be used within Blazor?
There have been some questions around VB and Microsoft have shared their view on the topic in the following issue

What pre-requisite knowledge is required to successfully program in Blazor for an experienced Windows / middle-tier/ database back-end programmer that has no prior web programming experience?
Prior knowledge in C# and MVC/Razor. Here are additional getting started resources on Blazor and Telerik UI for Blazor. Depending on your background, you can also refer to this Blazor guide by Microsoft. 

In Blazor server-side, is it possible to make changes in Visual Studio, then reload the page to the website and take changes into account without stop and restart debugging?
It's still not in its final state, but in general yes. 

What about file upload? :)
We have File Upload on our radar for implementation and will try to address it in 2020 releases. We will aim to publish regularly our updated plans on the Telerik UI for Blazor roadmap page.  

In the GridView example, can the title be localized?
Localization is on our R1 2020 roadmap. 

Is there any kind of designer available that would help add Telerik controls to a UI?
Based on user feedback we will consider the option for design tools available for Telerik Blazor controls. 

Is support for OData/IQueryable in grid forthcoming?
The Telerik UI for Blazor Grid Supports IQueryable, and it's up to the developer what service the data comes from. 

What about multiple components in detail?
Yes, you can put whatever you need inside the template. 

Any information about when you'll release more components? Autocomplete is the one I need the most right now...
Our goal with Telerik UI for Blazor is to continuously deliver native UI components and ensure compatibility with preview versions beyond the official release of ASP.NET Core 3.0. We do have AutoComplete on our R1 2020 plan. 

Are Telerik Blazor components available in Kendo UI and ASP.NET MVC licenses?
Telerik UI for Blazor is available as a single product or as part of our DevCraft bundles containing multiple JS and .NET frameworks. More information on the offering can be found here: 

Is it possible to gradually integrate Blazor into a large ASP.NET web forms application?
No. But you should be able to do so with an ASP.NET Core application. 

With a client-side Blazor app, what happens if the client isn't able to install the necessary runtime?
With client-side Blazor, you only need support on your browser. 

Is it possible to port a SilverLight application to Blazor?
There isn't a direct way to do so, but depending on the app, you can create an equivalent Blazor app. 

The server-side app is not a Single Page application, correct? It won't be SPA until client-side Blazor ships -- right?
It is a single page application, since only one-page request is sent. After the initial load, all other navigation and interaction with the site is done through a SignalR connection. 

When did you add the Telerik dependency to the project? NuGet?
Yes, it's a single NuGet package, from our private NuGet feed. More details can be found in the Add the Telerik NuGet Feed to Visual Studio article. 

It would be great if you could also show how remote data binding would work (say for binding data to Grid).
We will work on adding additional resources to cover that in our upcoming releases. 

Is there/will there be a ComboBox control?
Yes, we do have ComboBox on our R1 2020 plan. To see the full list of available components you can visit the Telerik UI for Blazor page. 

SilverLight promised the same thing. Write client code in compiled C#. MS was going to create plugins for common browsers, but they abandoned that idea. How do we know that won’t happen here?
Client-side Blazor uses wasm to run .net code on the client. It doesn't rely on any other plugins. 

Have there been any known issues with different browsers and Blazor since no web browser implements the html standards exactly/properly?
With the supported browsers I believe not, at least not major ones. You can see the list supported browsers here

Any timeline on other components like ComboBox, Scheduler, Gantt?
Yes, we do have the Scheduler and ComboBox on our R1 2020 plan. You can check out what else we have planned for R1 in our Roadmap. For the Gantt chart we do have it on our backlog and hopefully it will be addressed in some of the upcoming releases sooner rather than later. 

How do you incorporate Blazor into an MVC Core web application? Is it automatically supported, or do you need to import dependencies?
There are several resources available on this topic. Checkout the article here.  

Will Telerik UI work for Blazor when building an application in dual-mode (client/server)? 
Telerik UI for Blazor components work in all hosting models. The differences are handled by the framework. 

Is there a tutorial which we can refer to in the future to learn Blazor?
We have plans to publish more videos as well as enrich our Getting Started resources that can be found here: You can also check the official guide provided by Microsoft. 

How do we get the Blazor Webassembly App template?
A detailed description can be found this article.  

Are client-side Blazor apps sandboxed? i.e. can they access local resources like printers directly and not using the browser?
Yes, they are contained in the browser and don't have access to the server resources directly. 

Is Blazor native friendly so we can use same code for desktop and native apps?
We recommend watching this demo by Steve Sanderson to see how far you can go with Blazor. 

Is PWA possible also in server-side? With specific handle?
A key concept in PWA is offline support, which is not possible with server-side Blazor. 

What is the scalability of your data grids?
They can be bound to IQueryable, so all paging, sorting and filtering is implemented through the database automatically. You also have the option to use your own service methods to get the best performance available. Check the following article:

Why are there two Blazor hosting scenarios? What should your decision of server vs client be based on?
You can look at many articles on this question, as both models have their advantages. Check out this video for comparison on the different hosting scenarios. 

Does the client need to install anything (like the way SilverLight was)?
No, you just need a browser support for wasm, if you are using client-side Blazor. For server-side you need Websockets support. 

Do I remember you saying Blazor requires VS 2019 as a minimum?
Yes, you need the latest version of VS 2019. For full list of prerequisites to run a Blazor project, you can visit the Getting Started page on

How do Blazor and your components handle accessibility and screen reader usability?
Accessibility is going to be addressed in our upcoming 2020 releases. 

Are there controls for displaying images and performing basic manipulations like zoom and rotate?
Currently we don’t have such a components, however we will consider it for our 2020 release plan. 

Can we do some sort of foreign key-based OData api rendering? Meaning, if my grid is tied to OData to Products table and one of the fields is CategoryID which is a FK to Category table - are we able to tell Kendo UI that it’s a foreign key and use another OData url to get the name of this Category?
This would have to be resolved in the service layer. The grid itself is not able to resolve that at this moment. 

Is there enough out-of-the box support for managing state across multiple routes & components?
No, but there are already some community packages that offer, for instance, LocalStorage. You can also use DI to inject any state service you need. 

So, client-side Blazor only releases 1.0 version in .NET Core 5 release?
Client-side Blazor is expected to be released in May 2020. For details on .NET Core X evolution you can check the official plans of Microsoft in the their article

If I added a /// <summary> to the CountBy parameter in my component, does that info appear in the intellisense info at the point of use?
Yes. That's how we annotate our Telerik component parameters. 

What’s the likelihood that Microsoft will continue to grow and support Blazor? We got burnt with SilverLight so I’m keen not to repeat the same issue.
You may find some similarities. Blazor technology looks promising, Microsoft is heavily investing in it and what is different from SilverLight is that you don't need plugins. Blazor is natively supported by the browsers. 

Is unit testing via mstest or selenium supported?
A great post on the topic by Steve Sanderson can be found here. In addition to that, we are happy to announce the Telerik Test Studio has support for Blazor and Telerik UI for Blazor components. 

Are the attributes required to be strings e.g. "15" and not 15?
They are not. 

Is client-side debugging available?
A great article on Debugger capabilities can be found here.   

How do I install Telerik support for Blazor Project?
You can follow the instructions on our Getting Started documentation article

One question I had is around StockMarket charts built on Blazor. We use AmCharts today as they are the best stock chart solution for us at the moment, but I would like the equivalent in a Blazor control. We are using older Telerik grids, and a Blazor solution would help there also.
The Telerik Blazor grid was the first component added to the suite and we are planning to continue its development and growth in the R1 2020 release. The StockMarket chart is in our backlog and hopefully will be addressed in an upcoming release sooner rather than later. You can check the demos and our Blazor sample application including grid and charts here

When will you deliver the following controls for Blazor? ComboBox, ListBox, RadioButton, Check Box, Toggle Button, DropDown Button?
We have on our radar implementation for all of these components, some of them we are targeting with upcoming releases in 2020. We encourage you to submit any ideas and interests in our dedicated Blazor feedback portal. 

Following the webinar, we have updated our official roadmap page where you can find What’s Coming Next in 2020. Keep this link bookmarked so you can always be informed what's in our plans:

Can a client side Blazor app be hosted as a static web site?

Do your Blazor components adapt to various screen sizes, i.e. PC and phones?
In general, yes, however mobile is more of a focus in our future plans.  

Is there a path to migrate from SilverLight using Telerik components to Blazor?
It depends on your application, and its requirements. There isn't a 1 to 1 migration path between the two technologies. 

I notice that <TelerikGrid attributes don't use quotes, but <GridColumn attributes DO include quotes. Different fundamental Razor object types or something like that?
They are not required in most places, but you can add them everywhere. 

How easy is it to mix Blazor pages with existing Webforms/MVC apps?
You can only do so with Core 3.0 apps.  

How well does Blazor and Telerik's Blazor Components work with real data and by that, I mean millions of records coming across. Since it auto handles the serialization does it know it needs to do virtualization or do you still have to code for those efficiencies?
They can be bound to IQueryable, so all paging, sorting and filtering is implemented through the database automatically. You also have the option to use your own service methods, to get the best performance available:

That’s a Wrap! 

What a great bunch of questions. We can’t thank you enough for your interest in Telerik UI for Blazor. We are super excited about this technology and the impact it will have on your productivity. Reach out to us through our feedback or support & sales team for any additional questions or thoughts.

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