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Docker Container Support

Any testing environment can sometimes cause delays in test execution and even non-bug related failures. This leads to a lack of reliable results and inevitably costs you your confidence in your automated testing suite. To help you minimize the impact, with this release we’re introducing test execution in Docker Containers.

Containers provide a steady environment isolated from other applications or operating system glitches. This means greater control over the testing environment with consistent test results and performance. Combined with the accelerated test speed, that Test Studio headless testing provides, this makes your test suites suitable for repeated execution upon code check-ins or on the clock in very close time intervals. 

test automation containers

Improved Test Studio Layout Management

When you deep-dive into any kind of task, it is important to get as much out of the tooling you use as you can, with ease. Test automation is no exception. No matter if you are recording or debugging a test or crafting a load scenario, there is a specific Test Studio layout that will best serve your needs or current test scenario. With the new layouts’ management, you can save multiple custom configurations of Test Studio’s UI and load them in a snap.

Testing GUI Layouts

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