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Redesigned Test Recorder

With one of the easiest Record & Playback interfaces on the market, updated UX and fully redesigned Test Recorder UI, Test Studio’s third release of 2020 brings unparalleled productivity optimizations allowing both small and large teams to achieve seamless, high-quality agile CI/CD releases, with or without code. 

The Test Studio Recorder just got a new UI!     

Through the updated UX and fully redesigned UI, the Recorder receives sleek design and optimized performance, making it an integral part of the test automation workflow and allowing for easy utilization of all its productivity-boosting features, without taking up unnecessary screen space. Here is what's new: 

  • The new UI leaves more screen space for the important test automation tasks, as for example to take full advantage of Test Studio’s OCR-powered image verification features; 

  • The redesigned toolbar comes with a logically organized menu in tabs, focusing on mostly needed actions. It moves freely through the screen and can be placed where the current testing scenario allows best for; 

  • The Recorder's underwent speed and performance optimizations resulting into much faster highlighter features allowing for quick and easy recording experience with fewer hurdles;  

  • The Recorder panel got a total facelift, turning it into "Advanced Recording Tools", which opens from the Recorder toolbar and only if the user needs it while recording for advanced actions. 

  • It operates as a separate window that is detached from the browser for greater flexibility, could be moved through the screen, and resized in a way that fits the current automation needs.  

  • This panel is enriched with new useful features so that it now provides easy access to the Step Builder as well as allows adding Common Steps or performing Browser Control actions.  

Recorder Toolbar

Extended Native Telerik UI for Blazor Components Support

Test Studio offers exclusive out-of-the-box integration with Telerik UI suites through built-in translators, now with extended support for the most popular Telerik UI for Blazor components. The third major Test Studio release of 2020 is shipping with new translators for the most popular and widely used components to facilitate and optimize UI testing of Blazor apps.  

  • The translator for the Telerik UI for Blazor Grid has been enhanced further to support grouping, sorting and expanding/collapsing the group Grid action. 

  • Additional translators have been added for Blazor TextBox and ComboBox to allow verification of selected content by text and index.  

  • Blazor Window minimizing/resizing is now also supported out of the box for full coverage of Blazor Window automation scenarios  

  • New translators have been added also for Blazor Tabstrip, Animation Container, Drawer and ListView. 

Telerik UI for Blazor Grid Grouping

Test Studio in Dark Mode

With R3 2020 a new Test Studio UI theme becomes available for both the Test Studio Stand Alone IDE and the Visual Studio Plugin. 

This feature allows users who prefer to work in dark-themed environments to take advantage of Test Studio's features in the preferred dark mode. Users that work in Visual Studio will especially enjoy the new theme as Test Studio now integrates not only seamlessly (via the Visual Studio Plugin), but also optically into the widely used dark mode of Visual Studio.   


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