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Web Components Support

Here is a situation that many testers report to have been stuck into. While you automate your web tests, you clearly see some elements on the screen but you cannot find in the DOM tree of your application and you have no idea how to access them through your test scripts. You can use a recorder to record some steps against these elements but during execution, the test fails to locate them or performs the desired action on another element.

Sound familiar? Well, most probably the app under test uses “Web Components,” a technology that is gaining a lot of traction recently but is making the quality assurance engineer's life a lot harder.

“Web Components” is a modern browser feature based on three main technologies:

  • Shadow DOM - allows the creation of a whole new encapsulated DOM attached to an element
  • HTML templates - allows the reuse of markup templates by <template> and <slot> tags which are not displayed and rendered by the browser
  • Custom elements - allows the creation of custom elements and is tightly integrated with the previous two technologies

Web Components are very powerful but extremely hard to automate. Test automation with a Shadow DOM is a challenge because the elements inside a Shadow DOM subtree don’t exist in the main DOM tree.

Fortunately, Test Studio provides out-of-the-box support, which ensures seamless and stable test automation with or without Web Components (Shadow DOM, templates or Custom elements) in your application. Test Studio identifies all Shadow DOM trees in the loaded page and records/executes any action, verification, real click or type against that element as if it is a regular element part of the main DOM tree.


Web Reports in the Executive Dashboard

Managers usually need to use a lot of reports, and they want them beautiful, easy to create and green. Well, while the last part is up to the development team, Test Studio takes care of the first two.
Test Studio Executive Dashboard is a web page that allows you to monitor test results reported from all testing agents. With this release, beautiful reports can be also generated inside the Executive Dashboard. Select a time period and one or multiple test lists, and the Executive Dashboard does the rest. All reports can be easily shared by just sending the link. Anyone can access it in their browser, no matter if they have active Test Studio license or not.

Test Studio Reports

Microsoft Edge Chromium Support

Out-of-the-box cross-browser support is something that automation engineers value a lot. Test Studio now supports Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge. You can record and run tests on this browser in addition to Chrome, Firefox and IE. Edge tests can be easily executed either with Test Studio's Scheduling feature or with any CI/CD tooling using a native integration or the command line runner.

Edge Support

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