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Executive Dashboard

Test Studio has been providing outstanding test automation capabilities to QA engineers for more than 10 years now. In this release, we managed to provide more value not only to the QA but to all other stakeholders in a project – PM, Developer, Management. Let me present to you the Executive Dashboard.
This is a brand-new web-based Results Server. It is super useful for the QA, to monitor the automation results, drill down into each run, test list or single test, to investigate any failures and issues. At the same time, anybody on the project can use the Dashboard to monitor the automation and thus the product health from any kind of device – Desktop or Mobile.
Once you run and set up the Executive Dashboard, anyone with the link and access to the machine with the server can work with the Executive Dashboard. In this first version, you can switch between all your projects, view the unique test lists, all run results, drill down into the tests, accessing any step failures and exceptions.


Support for Blazor Applications

Blazor is the latest Web UI framework developed by Microsoft and based on C#, HTML, Razor. It runs in the browser via WebAssembly. It will provide an alternative to JavaScript for building rich web apps. This is why Blazor is gaining a lot of traction, promising to be the next big thing in web development.
Progress has always been on top of new technologies and this time we are not falling behind. We have released a rich and powerful set of Blazor components, helping the developers build beautiful applications with shorter development cycles, quick iterations and faster time to market.
Test Studio marks the beginning of the Blazor test automation race by joining first and and leading it. If you wonder “Now how I am going to test these new Blazor apps?” don’t worry, we got you covered. Test Studio supports any Blazor web application and on top of that has exclusive support for Telerik Blazor components. The party that best understands the internals of a component is the party that built it. Our translators open the element and expose the specific and custom properties for actions automation and verifications. With this, test creation is easier, faster and no additional coding is needed.


Test Lists in Test Studio Dev Edition (Visual Studio plugin)

One of the main Test Studio goals is to boost tester-developer collaboration. Along with the standalone product, we provide Visual Studio plugin also called Test Studio Dev Edition. Dev Edition is perfect for the developer or the Automation QA who wants to make use of Test Studio’s great productivity features in combination with Visual Studio's IDE.
According to our developer customers, there was one major functionality that was missing in Test Studio Dev Edition – Test Lists. Now they are a fact inside the product. You can create test lists (collections/suites of tests) in the Visual Studio plugin to run a certain group of tests or include them in your CI/CD pipeline.


Images as a primary element identification

Test Studio has a unique and bullet-proof way of identifying web elements – a combination of DOM-based find logic and images. This is a stable solution to some of the toughest test automation challenges. We are introducing a new option here – the ability to use Images as primary element identification. So, if you know that in a certain scenario the DOM-based logic will not work because of dynamically generated elements or anything else, and you need to fallback to Image, you can choose the image to be the primary identification. Test Studio will first look for the image, so it will save time by not first waiting for the DOM find logic to fail.

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