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Image-Based Element Identification

Quality assurance engineers report that one of their biggest pains is dynamically generated element attributes or application changes that lead to missing elements and, of course, failing tests. The elements are actually not missing, they are there, but their attributes have changed, and therefore the the correct find logic does as well, and our automation script just cannot find them anymore. This can mask a real bug and usually all the QA’s time for creative testing and bug investigation goes into test maintenance.

Test Studio introduces a solution – it consists of well-known bits and pieces but combined in a new, innovative way. Test Studio uses a unique combination of element attributes to identify elements, which works very well in most cases. But sometimes an ID will turn out to be dynamically changing or a developer would change something and the test will fail. Here the new tech comes to the rescue. During test recording Test Studio will record also images for each element. When the traditional find logic fails it immediately tries to find the respective image, then we identify the element that stands behind it and execute the step, no matter if it is a simple click, type, button toggle or a more complex grid filtering change, for example. The test will pass with green status with just a warning letting you know that there was something odd along the way.
You can add a new element image or edit and update already recorded one either by directly uploading a new file or by using our brand-new in-house image recorder.


Visual Studio 2019 Support

Microsoft recently released Visual Studio 2019 and as a rule Test Studio's team immediately drops a new product build to support it. You will be able to export projects from Test Studio or directly create them inside Visual Studio 2019.
The VS plugin is a perfect combination between Test Studio's core features like the powerful Test Recorder or the centralized Element Repository and the IDE and advanced coding features of Visual Studio.


In-product Help Guides

There are two new types of in-product help:

  • Inside Test Studio panels and on the top Ribbon toolbar there is a new "rocket" button. It opens contextual help guide that goes through the panel's options.
  • There are three brand new guided end-to-end scenario tutorials. Run them from the Get Started tab of the Welcome Screen or from inside Test Studio. They will walk you


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