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Headless Browser Testing

Headless browser testing refers to test automation that utilizes a web browser without GUI representation. Headless browsers allow automated tests to be run without loading an actual browser UI with all browser elements that typically slow down test execution. This technique naturally saves a lot of time as it enables users to run more tests faster, without further configuration of action and verification steps.  

The new features for headless testing are available for Chrome Headless. Web tests can be executed in a headless browser out of the box, without additional configuration of already created tests or test lists. The user can choose to run any existing test or test list in headless mode without applying edits to test steps, image search, dialog handler updates or other actions. Headless testing speeds up data driven testing scenarios as it doesn’t require to test if the data is loaded correctly in a particular browser UI.  

headless test automation

PDF Content Validation

Automated PDF validation enables testing for applications which generate PDFs with certain set of data, relying on data input from any type of source. It allows validation of text or image within a PDF file.

The new features allow users to verify that PDFs are generated correctly and the data in the PDF is according to business or user requirements. PDF validation steps are added either during test recording or later in the automation process based on automation scenario. Test Studio allows the user to open/load the PDF and add verifications of text or image. The PDF features are well integrated with Test Studio’s OCR capabilities so that all verification actions testers can take advantage of on web (OCR image or text extraction and validation) are available within PDFs. 

pdf test automation

New Storyboard

The Test Studio Storyboard allows users to review recorded tests as a sequence of images, instead of going through the test steps. With R1 Test Studio got equipped with a fully redesigned Storyboard UI along with speed and performance optimizations. The new user interface facilitates easy visual interaction with recorded tests, while saving time and boosting productivity enormously.  

The Storyboard allows you to get essential information about your test based on capturing the test flow in images. It enables testers to understand better and faster what they are recording. This contributes greatly to an easy onboarding with Test Studio and test recording in general, especially for less experienced automation QAs.  

Testers can now enjoy improved image quality with the option to view images in full screen mode and zoom in/out. Requested by users, the Storyboard provides the ability to identify and inspect a test as a step on click. Further enhancements include extended features for recapturing of images in cases when changes are applied to any of the tests in the test suite. The recapturing is now available for all browsers. 

Test Automation Storyboard

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