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Step Failure Details

The Test Studio R2 2021 release introduces simplified test debugging to eliminate costly test maintenance and reduce the barriers to deployment.

The fully revamped Step Failure Details dialog helps you spend less time troubleshooting broken tests and avoid adding technical debt to mission-critical deployment workflows. With brand new UI and a set of new features, it’s now so much easier to identify and fix test failures for stable and uninterrupted testing cycles.

The quality of taking screenshots has improved on all levels. It is now possible to expand screenshots on full screen and zoom in/out. Screenshots are also created for passed tests to help determine if a step was executed correctly or not. Thanks to the new intelligent suggestions users get massively improved guidance through troubleshooting and fixing step failures. Each suggestion is tailored to the respective test failure exception to make sure Test Studio suggests the most relevant course of action. The technical product documentation is also updated with detailed practical use cases for each failure type. These articles are linked in Test Studio and can be opened directly from the Step Failure Details. Visibility has also improved through including an option to show only failed test steps in the Test Explorer.

Test Studio R2 2021

Enterprise Test Automation

With quality being paramount to delivering competitive consumer-grade experiences, organizations need to optimize the entire application lifecycle to achieve success.

The R2 2021 release is setting the pace for large-scale test automation labs across teams, countries, and business units. Test Studio introduces easier license management for large-team organizations with high license seat demand, enabling them to effortlessly scale their testing operations. It also ships with improved HTML frame identification logic, test recording and execution, to support iframe automation and cover all sorts of business process application use cases (PeopleSoft, Salesforce automation etc.).

HTML frame automation

Other Notable Improvements

Test Studio extends .NET Core, .NET 5, .NET 6 Preview and higher version support to ensure full coverage of test recording & execution scenarios for WPF applications. The feature is part of the continuous effort to help testers modernize their test automation initiatives and cover their testing needs across the latest technologies and frameworks.

Additional barriers have been removed for users who do not have admin-level access to their machines. Thanks to the improved setup workflow with notifications, warnings, and additional guidance it is now much easier to configure Test Studio, making it more accessible and easier to use for both users with and without admin rights.

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