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The official release of Telerik WebUI Test Studio is finally out! The Q1 2009 bits were uploaded last Thursday, March 12. For those who are interested in the product and especially the ones that downloaded the BETA test studio, I’d like to call your attention to the new features since the Beta update announced two weeks ago.

First of all, the RadControls translators are updated to reflect the latest changes in the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX suite. Due to the major improvements in the skins most of the translators needed modification. In other words, make sure you run the Q1 2009 release of both the RadControls and their WebUI Test Studio translators!

We have built new translators for two other components: RadRotator and RadSpell.

The Rotator provides a couple of important verifications regarding useful control settings that are also exposed as Sentence Verification Builder implementations. The translator handles item scrolling via buttons click and hover over mode, too.



Here is the place to announce a cool new feature the folks from ArtOfTest added to the Automation Design Canvas component: the Automation Surface “Lock Mode”. It is especially helpful when you automate your testing activities over dynamic objects like the Rotator control. While you record your Rotator test its animation proceeds so the object settings change. This results in wrongly generated tests. Press F2 and you get the surface frozen. So when you load the verification quick tasks again you get the actual values that match the moment the “browser” was locked helping you create valid tests.


Let me get back to the translators and the other new addition to the suite. The SpellDialog translator allows easy verifications of the control that is to be spell-checked, the dictionary language and the selected one and so on. You can verify the initial and the current text (after the text correction has started) via the exposed Verification Builder:



Last, but not least, the translators’ verifications are powered by a new “Number Comparison” check type. This means any integer type verification (like the control item count for example) is now much more flexible having useful types to compare with. Both the Advanced Verification Builders and the recorded steps (that you can easily modify via the property grid) benefit from the new feature:





And that’s not all! You can find all the release notes here containing tens of improvements in Design Canvas and RadControls Translators and check the previous BETA and BETA 2 announcements for more highlights of the recent updates.

Of course we have a lot of other ideas for improvements, but we will consider your customer requests immediately. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for the next official update to get what you need – we will be providing unofficial builds regularly through the latest internal builds download option. The first build is being cooked now and it will be publicly available shortly!


Konstantin Petkov

Telerik QA, WebUI Test Studio


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