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I’m excited to announce publicly that from Q1 2009 the Telerik portfolio will be extended with the WebUI Test Studio product. Powered by ArtOfTest, the new test automation solution reduces to minimum the efforts needed to test your Web Applications regardless complexity and structure. In order to make the life of developers and QAs working with RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX even easier, the tool also extends the Automation Design Canvas codeless recording solution to operate over the RadControls Web Apps. Read more on the product home page.


Why is it so easy?

  • The environment is well-known – the test studio is a great add-on to the Visual Studio 2008 IDE.
  • It’s just the record & playback so you don’t need to code your tests (although you can if you prefer)
  • You don’t have to learn any scripting language to maintain the tests – they are updated completely design-time!


What about the RadControls complexity?

Finally there is no need to know the complex structure of the RadControls to automate your App testing! There is also no need to think about JavaScript: the test studio works directly with the RadControls Client-Side objects and their rich AJAX API. Just load the demo into the automation surface and start recording!


So many cool features!

In addition to the above mentioned, there are a lot of cool features the test studio exposes.

First, the cross-browser coverage -- you can run your tests in Internet Explorer and/or Firefox and soon under Safari (on Windows) and Google Chrome.

In terms of maintenance, all the elements your tests work with are accessible via a common repository. Thus whenever something changes, you just need to update the way the element is located at a single place and all the tests are functional again.

If you still need to browse for the DOM element (although the test studio eliminates that need if your App is based on the RadControls suite), there is an integrated DOM Explorer showing you all the elements on the Web page.

There is also a Visual Storyboard for all the recorded test steps capturing the demo state images for you; a quick test execution mode from the designer; recording mode within the browser itself; a flexible Custom Sentence Verification UI you can find implemented for the RadControls as well; a set of Desktop actions ready to use; Dialog handling support (Html pop-ups and Win32 dialogs); Data-driven testing (the test step properties can be bound to a data source); “Convert to code” test step option to enhance the unit tests support (both NUnit and VS unit tests); a cool option for reusability of test cases already recorded and many, many more. It’s impossible to list and explain all the features right here so keep watching for future entries in this blog.


How to get started?

Relax, put your headphones on and start watching the cool videos on Telerik TV. For more information about the available resources, please refer to the WebUI Test Studio resources page.

As soon as you decide to give it a try, just download the Beta bits, install the tool and start playing. We are eager to see your feedback so feel free to share your impressions and any feature requests you may have submitting support ticket or posting on the WebUI Test Studio forums.

Happy playing!



Konstantin Petkov

The Telerik Team


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