• .NET Testing & ALM

    Telerik Test Summit 2013 Wrap-up

    Greetings, fellow testers. Last week, we hosted a number of thought leaders in the testing community as part of the 2nd annual Telerik Testing Summit (Twitter: #TelSum) in Austin, Texas. The event is a free-form peer conference on software development — of which testing is an important part — its current state and possible avenues of improvement. The agenda was developed on the spot and adjusted throughout the weekend, with an emphasis on flexibility. A few tools and technologies were mentioned, but this was very much a broad discussion of people and how they relate to each other, of ideas ...
    May 09, 2013
  • Testing & ALM Mobile

    On Inner and Outer Using Directives

    A true tale of inner and outer using directives and introducing a new, user created extension for JustCode.
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    The Perfect Project Status Report

    The project status report is the project manager’s billboard to the world as far as how things are going on his project. It starts clean at the beginning of the project, full of optimism predicting the future of the engagement and indicating what’s coming up in the coming days and weeks. Everything is reset to zero, everything is on time, everything is on budget, and there are likely very few if any issues to be attacked. All is quiet…all is good. So, you’re ready to move forward with your brand new project. What do you include on the status report? ...
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Introduction to Manual Testing using Test Studio

    Greetings, fellow testers. I'm excited to be joining the Telerik family, and I'll be sharing tips and tricks, ideas and suggestions with you here. I plan on providing a good bit of intro information for our new users as well as more in-depth articles for those of you who have already invested a good bit of time in Test Studio. UI Automation is what brings most of us to Test Studio in the first place, but I want to start here by pointing out a component that's easily overlooked - Test Studio's support of manual testing. As Jim often says, ...
    May 05, 2013
  • Testing & ALM Mobile

    Finding the .NET Assembly Entry Point

    A fan of JustDecompile has created the first, purely user-created, plugin: GoToEntryPoint. Chris uses it to help Carey find the code she's looking for.