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Last week, we hosted a Telerik Test Studio release webinar, "Early Test Collaboration for Successful Automation," which covered insights into Software Testing Market trends and challenges, along with new features and improvements we added in the release of Q1 2015. Those improvements include a revolutionary feature called IntelliMap to support early test collaboration between development and QA teams. In case you missed the webinar, don't worry! We posted a recording of it on YouTube. Check out the link here.

We had more than 1,700 people register for this event, and there were a lot questions asked during the webinar (more than 100!). Thanks to everyone for making this a very successful webinar, and many more to come in future.

We tried to answer a few interesting questions here. As always, if you have a question about Test Studio solution, please feel free to reach out to us.


Q: How many dedicated resources do you recommend for testing with Test Studio suite?

A: It depends on your team’s expertise and application under test. Test Studio suite is very easy to use for automated testing, even for non-technical testers, as well as for QAs with more coding experience.



Q: Is there a video or manual to walk someone through these new features (IntelliMap)?
A:  Here is a recorded version of the webinar with a demo of the new features. Also, please review the feature documented here in detail on our documentation page.


Q: Does Test Studio solution support verification of data in a database?
A: Yes, you can do this in code. With the Test Studio suite, you can use our testing framework and write code in C# or Visual Basic, as well as craft record/replay codeless automated tests.


Q: Do you support integration with TFS, and if so, can you explain the integration?
A: Test Studio seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Team Foundation Server, which enables automation engineers to check in their results at the same time and independently. You can connect a project to TFS, check out, check in, get the latest or revert. There is also an integration with the TFS bug tracker. Bugs can be logged directly from Test Studio suite to TFS.


Q: Do you support integration with JIRA?
A: Yes, bugs can be logged directly from Test Studio suite to Jira. Read more about our bug tracking configuration and integration into defect tracking systems such as Telerik TeamPulse, TFS and JIRA here.


Q: How to use Telerik Test Studio suite as DevOps??
A: Test Studio suite gives you the ability to record/replay tests, as well as the ability to add code, if needed. The new IntelliMap feature gives you the means to create empty UI elements and create automated steps for them, even before you have an app ready for test. Once you have the app from the developers, you can map your empty elements to the actual elements in the application and start running your tests immediately.



Q: Will the step builder work for the Visual Studio plugin?
A: Yes, the step builder is also available in Visual Studio.



Q: For smaller testing teams, are there training license options available?  I am interested in lots of training so we can show the value of Telerik. The new training sounds great.
A: We are introducing “Test Studio On-Demand Training” videos shortly, so please watch out for an email and update on our website on this topic very soon. There are three modules of this training series: Functional, Load/Performance and Build Server and Continuous Integration testing. 


Q: Currently we have an Automation team made up of people who are not necessarily testers, but receive Test Case Ticket requests from testers and then create the test in Selenium. We are planning to involve manual testers more in the creation of the test cases in Selenium in English, and let the automation guys work out the automation. Would you say that with the UI graphics of Test Studio suite, this could be more easily achieved? 
A: Test Studio suite can be used by less technical QAs, as well by experienced developers. You can record/replay and automate with little or no code. You can write your tests in code with our framework, using some of the handy Test Studio features that give you more efficiency. Actually, the Test Studio solution is a very good tool for manual QAs to start automating, as well as a good tool for learning code step by step.



Q: How well does this tool work with AngularJS?
A: Angular JS is a framework for dynamic web applications and is a better and easier way to organize and generate your webpage and code behind it. At the end of the day, the page is still an HTML page for Test Studio suite, and it works well with AngularJS.


Q: Can this be used for performance/load testing?
А: Yes, Test Studio suite has Performance and Load testing features. It enables you to use any functional test as a performance test, greatly simplifying your test creation and maintenance, and offers unparalleled insight into your application's performance. Test Studio functionality simultaneously verifies and measures the behavior of your application functions, and speeds up your processes. Please read more about performance testing with Test Studio suite here, and Load testing with Test Studio suite here.


Q: What is Telerik TeamPulse, and how does it integrate with the Project Management template?
A: TeamPulse is a tool for project management in an agile application development environment. You can read more here:


Q: How does it work with AJAX pages?
A: The Test Studio solution has full set of features to help you automate AJAX-intense web content. You can test complex UI actions like drag and drop, invoke JavaScript functions from your test code, and perform logging actions.


Q: Can we reuse the Login Process using different username/passwords as parameters?
A: Yes, this can be done easily in Test Studio. The data binding feature enables you to repeat the same steps with different data. You can use the built-in data table or external DB, excel file, CSV file or XML file.

The data binding can also be used for binding elements, if you want the same step to be repeated against different elements.






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Shravanthi Alimilli is a Product Marketing Manager for the Telerik Mobile UI bundle, including UI for NativeScript, iOS, Xamarin and Android. Shravanthi is passionate about emerging technologies and her responsibilities include bringing to market best in class products.


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