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Last week we hosted a release webinar on the latest Test Studio features, including a new API tester. Catch up on the webinar as we recap the top questions.

Even if you didn’t make it to our release webinar last week, you may have already heard the news: we launched a brand-new testing tool as an addition to our Test Studio testing family. This is a new solution for testing the reliability of your APIs. Test Studio for APIs was released in Beta couple of weeks ago, and is now available for you to download and try.

Get your copy of Test Studio for APIs now

If you’d like to help us shape up Test Studio for APIs to your liking, be sure to give it a try and share your feedback on our portal.


As is the tradition, we organized our release webinar to brief you on all the new bits we released with the second major Test Studio update for the year. Other than API testing, we also added support for MS Edge, device provisioning for mobile testing as well as Git integration. There were some really interesting questions during the live webcast, the answers to which we thought would be beneficial to the wider audience. Here’s a quick recap of these:

Q: Will Test Studio for APIs be included as a product in the Test Studio or Test Studio Ultimate purchase/subscription levels? Or will it be available as a separate paid product?

A: Yes, Test Studio for APIs will be part of Test Studio Ultimate, so when you upgrade to the latest version you should have it as a new type of project type. It will also be a separate tool for the people who don't own Test Studio Ultimate, but still like our API testing tool and would like to use it.

Q: Is the instrument configuration for mobile only for Android? What about iOS?

A: Currently it is only for Android. iOS instrumentation is on our roadmap though, so stay tuned.

Q: Is it possible to test mobile apps generated on Telerik Platform (Cordoba and NativeScript)?

A: Yes, you can test native apps generated with Telerik Platform and NativeScript. With the next release we will add support for hybrid apps as well.

Q: Can the API test be run in CI right now?

A: Yes, you can use our command line runner for CI.

Q: Please review how summary reports, metrics like total tests performed, percent passed, percent failed, etc. will be generated for the entire batch of tests and sent to QA Release teams for decision support?

A: Currently the product is still in Beta and we don't have such results and reporting dashboards. But this is on our roadmap and we are working on a web-based "results and reports" system which will cover all the Test Studio types of tests, and it will allow you to send reports and automation results to project stakeholders.

See the Demo

If you missed the live webcast and are curious to see the demo of the new product updates, you can do so right on this page.

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