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Recapping the Test Studio 2016 R1 Release Webinar 870x220

We recap the latest Test Studio webinar with some Q&A, answering your questions about compatibility, offline access and much more.

During the latest Test Studio 2016 R1 release webinar you all asked some very good questions that were right on target. I'd like to share them here along with our answers, which I believe will be interesting for all existing and future Test Studio testing heroes.

But first, let me start with the good stuff—our game. We promised to award one of the folks who tweet the feature they would like to see most in coming Test Studio releases.

And the winner is Briar P! He asked for better results visibility for managers and all the interested stakeholders on the project. This is a good one and here is some exciting news—we'll be actually investing heavily in such a feature starting at the end of 2016 and through 2017. The first phase of this will be outstanding web based Results and Reporting.

Congratulations Briar! We will contact you with more details on your $200 Amazon gift card prize.

Now let's continue with some Q and A, as we answer your biggest questions about Telerik Test Studio:

Q: Would it be possible to, in the future, expand the usage of Mobile web testing to other types of devices? Such as web browsers on Smart TVs or similar?
A: Yes, even now this is possible. Any browser that supports web sockets and has Wi-Fi access should be able to connect to Test Studio for test automation.

Q: Will Test Studio Mobile Web testing work with mobile emulators, or only through connected hardware?
A: The Test Studio Mobile features are compatible with emulators and simulators, as well as physical devices.

Q: Can I code inside Test Studio in addition to the recorded steps?
A: Yes, in addition to the recorded steps, you can add coded steps and create additional logic in code, using our framework and the .NET framework. Now this is even easier with the new and better coding features and user experience.

Q: Can I use tests for the Web on a mobile browser?
A: Due to the totally different technologies and the complexity of the project that may be facing users, the tests from Test Studio Web and Desktop won't be compatible with the tests from Test Studio Mobile.

If you wish to run one and the same test for a desktop browser and a mobile one, you will be able to do that with the next release of Test Studio Mobile—but only with tests crafted in Test Studio Mobile. So if you record a test in a mobile browser with Test Studio Mobile, you will be able to execute it in a desktop browser as well. Of course a lot of the additional functionality that Test Studio Web and Desktop offers, like dialog handling, specific actions, etc. will be available only for Test Studio Web and Desktop tests, but with Mobile you should be able to cover good amount of scenarios for your web app while testing for both mobile and desktop browsers.

For serious in depth Desktop Web testing, we still recommend Test Studio Web and Desktop.

Q: How will I test native Apps where there is no URL to launch it?
A: Depending on the type of test the dialog is for the URL will be different. For Mobile Web tests it will wait for a URL input, but for native apps it requires the app identifier, which is created during app instrumentation.

Q: Can the new version of TTS open multiple projects simultaneously?
A: No, you can open only one project at a time in Test Studio.

Q: Can I test my application offline/without internet?
A: Yes. If it is a native app, you don't need internet, once you install our testing agent on the device. For Mobile Web apps, if it is hosted somewhere locally, again you won't need an internet connection, as long as there is network visibility between the device and the local web app.

Q: If I use Telerik on a remote server, do you have any suggestion for how I can connect the mobile device to the server?
A: If the remote device is in the same network and has Wi-Fi, this shouldn't be a problem.

If you want to only execute tests on a device, you can copy our Test Studio Mobile command line runner on a server, where you don't need to have Test Studio and to connect devices to that server. Tests can be executed through our runner, without a connection to Test Studio.

Q: Do you support device cloud for mobile test execution?
A: This feature is under development. Very soon we will announce our partnership with a device cloud provider and will provide tutorials on how to execute Test Studio Mobile tests in the device cloud.

Q: Does Mobile testing include tablets?
A: Yes, it supports tablets.

I think this is enough for now, let's not waste more of your precious testing and test automating time.

If you have feedback, we encourage you to leave a comment below or in our Feedback Portal.

I will be happy to hear what you think about the new Test Studio stuff and what other new features would be useful for you.

iliyan panchev
About the Author

Iliyan Panchev

Iliyan is a Senior Product Manager at Progress, responsible for the Telerik testing solutions, including Test Studio and JustMock. In the mid ’00s, he started his career in software development as a game tester because he loves video games, and eventually he realized that breaking software is fun. He believes that a good Quality Assurance Engineer should be involved in all phases of the software development process. Iliyan, now as a Product Manager, has a new objective—to relieve the QA engineer of the challenges associated with test automation and help them have more pleasant and rewarding workdays.

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