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Test Studio R1 2023 comes with more features to increase the productivity of testing teams and to ensure the delivery of high-quality applications!

Test automation becomes an increasingly significant factor in teams’ productivity and software quality efforts. With R1 2023, Test Studio makes another step ahead toward enabling highly productive testing teams and ensuring the delivery of high- quality applications.

As the frequency of releasing increases and testing processes become a greater part of the deployment cycle, teams face challenges with time and stability in their efforts to deliver successfully executed tests. Choosing the right tooling tailored to the needs and expertise of the team is key to success.

Test Studio constantly improves the solutions it offers, allowing QA professionals and developers to deepen their test automation knowledge, grow their ability to write even more effective test cases and implement best practices—thus supporting them to be better and more efficient in ensuring quality without compromise.

What You Can Expect from Test Studio R1 2023

Now, to help further with teams’ satisfaction with their overall testing processes, Test Studio introduces more new features for facilitating the user’s day-to-day test automation tasks.

  • Random data generators help reduce the time and effort spent on testing and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.
  • With the new manual project push to Scheduling feature, users can avoid issues with desynchronized project assets when scheduling test executions and ensure stable test execution.
  • Test Studio’s Welcome screen is now available for any type of screen, allowing optimal performance.

In our release webinar, we’ll cover these topics and many more, and we’ll explore further the ever-growing importance of test automation in software quality, its challenges and key principles to keep your team ahead.

Random Data Generators

Random data generators allow testers to create randomized test data sets on the fly that can be used in various test scenarios, without having to manually create data for each scenario and without using code.

The new type of step can be added directly from the Step Builder with a few mouse clicks, reducing the amount of time and effort required for test creation. The feature includes a range of data types and values, including numbers, strings and dates.

Once the data is generated, it can be used in subsequent test steps through Test Studio’s data binding feature or in coded steps through variables. For example, the generated data may be used as input to test forms, or to test how the software handles different data types and values.

Random data generators are a powerful tool for test automation, as they can help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of testing by providing a large amount of randomized data to test with. This helps to identify potential defects and issues in the software, ensuring that it is of high quality and performs as expected.

Manual Project Push to Scheduling

Test Studio’s Scheduling server is a tool used to manage the scheduling and execution of automated tests on a distributed environment. With the manual project push feature, users can upload their project to scheduling on demand every time there is a change, thus eliminating potential issues with missing or conflicting project assets during test execution.

The feature is designed in a way that it alerts you when there are project changes which are not uploaded to the Scheduling. With a single button click, these changes will be uploaded, ensuring up-to-date and stable tests.

Welcome Screen Adjustments

The Welcome screen is now fully visible also on smaller resolutions without compromising any of the features you can access on the screen or the user-friendly UI you are already familiar with.

In addition to being optimized for any type of screen, the Welcome screen now offers optimal performance and better experience thanks to the improvements and fixes we’re introducing. There is also a new “Mark All as Read” button in the Newsfeed tab.

Test Studio Webinar

Join Test Studio automation heroes Iliyan Panchev and Petar Grigorov for a live webinar on Wednesday, March 15, at 11 a.m. ET | 5 p.m. CET as they demo the new features in Test Studio and discuss the importance of Software Quality, best practices and more.

If you still haven’t checked out Test Studio, enjoy the experience and give it a try here:

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