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I am very excited to share with you a preview of the new version of Telerik Trainer!
Download it here

For those of you unfamiliar with Telerik Trainer, this is a tool that leverages the latest technologies to combine video training with hands on coding and self-paced tutorials. It's beyond a video player - the application binds video with synchronized highlights, topical table of contents navigation, and a code launching feature that opens code files in Visual Studio and automatically navigates to the relevant file and line number. Check here for more info on Telerik Trainer.

Together with our partners from Falafel Software we have been working on a few very cool features and you can now enjoy a superb training experience. The key highlights of the new version are:

Localization: English, German, Swedish are supported out-of-the-box and a new language can be set up very easily

Automatic Updates: The Trainer now pulls updates once a day or on demand from an update server. It can update itself (TT.exe and its assemblies), the help file, the help video, and any of the components that is has downloaded.

Enhanced database support: The Trainer allows you to configure what database to use. If you have a local SQLServer Express it automatically uses it. It can find any servers that are local or are on the network and allow browsing. You can configure how to connect (Windows Integrated is default), and test your connection. When the trainer loads a session that uses a database, it downloads it if not already present, and automatically attached it to the SQL Server (if local). It then changes the config file of the loaded session so it points to the database and uses your configured authentication. So now database examples work automagically with no configuration. Added support for SQL Server 2008.

Other bugfixes and improvements based on customer feedback are also included. For more details please check the full release notes.

We will welcome any feedback you have on this update. Please, share your comments and suggestions in the Forums

Download the new version of Telerik Trainer and enjoy all the training sessions for Telerik products here


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