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I’m happy to announce that after all the efforts of the ArtOfTest and Telerik teams during the last several months the product is now ready for you to enjoy! WebUI Test Studio v2.0 (Beta) is out with the Q3 2009 release and the final v2.0 is expected in December.

WebAii Framework

First of all, our advanced Click & Play automation solution is now upgraded with the latest WebAii Testing Framework! This means that all the additions we worked on and released till now in the automation framework are finally available in WebUI Test Studio as well. For all interested in the framework upgrade I’d like to point you to the following resources:

WebAii 2.0 Beta Announcement at the beginning of 2009 – this lists the important new features coming with the new WebAii 2.0 version.

WebAii 2.0 Beta 2 Important Updates – a more recent announcement about major updates.

WebAii Testing Framework release history till Q2 – log in and check all the framework improvements (including the RadControls AJAX and Silverlight wrappers) for the last couple of months.

as well as the core WebAii documentation.

Automation Design Canvas

Well, that was just the beginning! The good news come for all the Silverlight automation enthusiasts– WebUI Test Studio v2.0 features the completely scriptless built-in support for Silverlight (including v3) automation. Everything you’ve been able to accomplish with the ASP.NET automation (and much more) is now possible for Silverlight! Simple mouse interactions over the loaded application generate your automated tests, seamlessly running for all the supported browsers (IE, FF and now Safari on Windows) and maintained completely design-time via the cool Design Canvas plug-ins. The UI Explorer shows the entire visual tree and is also connected to the automation surface so that you can easily choose the element and check the tree of sub and parent elements.

I highly recommend reviewing the Design Canvas 2.0 Beta announcement by ArtOfTest describing the great new additions and improvements in the product.

Built-in RadControls Automation

The RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Translators were migrated for Design Canvas 2.0 assuring complete backwards compatibility for everyone who worked with WebUI Test Studio 1.X before. Upon loading the old test projects with the new version you will be prompted if you accept the project migration and then the task is done in the background for you.

Also, we added Translators for almost all our Silverlight UI components. We will keep improving them as well as adding the ones still missing for the final release. A couple of snapshots follow demonstrating the new interactive highlighting surface.

The GridView Translator “Fans” and locators -- you no longer need to right-click to get the element menu, just hover over the element and it pops up in a second:


The Scheduler AppointmentItem Translator in action:


Charting Title Verification on the fancy Sales Report demo:


Verification options for the settings of the new CoverFlow:


And these are just a few of the hundred possible options currently in.

Are you ready to play with the tool? Go download the new version from your account and let us know of your feedback. As always it is highly appreciated!

Some more resources:

WebUI Test Studio Features

What’s new in the WebUI Test Studio Q3 2009 release

WebUI Test Studio Release History -- Q3 2009 Beta

The new product video on Telerik TV

Happy automating!



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