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We dive into your testing questions from the latest Test Studio webinar. If you missed it, you can also check out a replay right here.

You might remember that just a few weeks ago the 3rd major for 2016 release of Telerik Test Studio ushered in loads of new features like Angular 2 support, API Testing Fiddler integration, support for NativeScript and iOS10, and more. Haven’t tried it? Go get your free evaluation copy.

We also hosted the usual release webinar last week, the recording of which can now be seen on demand.
Here’s a quick summary of some of the most interesting questions we received during the webinar.

Webinar Q&A Session

Q: Do you plan to implement built-in HTML results options for Test Studio, like exporting run result to HTML in order to ease sharing the data?

A: Yes we do, this is planned for the upcoming R1 2017 official release.

Q: Does Telerik Test Studio cater for coded UI tests on WPF applications?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: How does Test Studio recognize DOM elements that needs to be loaded first? For example, there is a hidden DOM element, this element will show up after another element is selected, or a text field is filled.

A: You can use ‘Wait for exist’ step as shown in this article.

Q: How can you locate a special div, like MICROSOFT account login page, account name and password div? Does Test Studio for APIs support different kinds of authentication like cert, token?

A: We are currently developing various authentication methods. We know some APIs must need cert or token authentication. This is on our agenda for 2017.

Q: Can the values of imported http sessions be parameterized?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: Can the recorded test be integrated with a CI tool?

A: Yes, they can. You can read more about it in this article here.

Q: Can I test Native Xamarin Mobile apps?

A: This is officially supported for iOS. Unfortunately this is not supported for Android.

Q: Can Test Studio test JQuery forms and functions?

A: Yes, you can test jQuery forms and functions using Test Studio.

Q: Will this work with Aurelia and EmberJS apps?

A: Yes, it should be supported. Feel free to download the Test Studio trial here.

Q: Can you create a Test List out of other Test Lists?

A: At the moment we do not support that.

Q: Is there any thought of adding a search box in the edit Test List module? It's difficult to find the Test Cases you need to add with all Test Cases listed with no way to filter or search.

A: Thanks for the feedback. Yes, this is on our roadmap for implementation in early 2017.

Q: Fairly new to web testing and recently started using HP ALM. Is Test Studio more versatile in Angular testing and API testing than HP ALM?

A: Yes, indeed it is. As presented in the webinar we included Angular support in our latest release. Feel free to give it a try.

Q: When will scripting be supported in Test Studio for APIs?

A: This feature is on our 2017 product roadmap.

Q: Are the signed Firefox plugins available?

A: Yes, they are available. They come with the Test Studio installation. If you encounter any problems, you can contact our support team.

Q: Can I combine API tests with web tests?

A: Yes, you can. With few lines of code you can call our API testing command line runner, specify the API testing project and test and execute that test as a step inside a Test Studio web test.

Q: So this will show all browser history? (Test Studio R3 2016 introduced the ability to keep history of previous recording sessions).

A: Not the whole browser history but only the URLs that you visited through Test Studio Recorder.

Q: Is Test Studio for APIs compatible with Visual Studio 2015?

A: We have Visual Studio 2015 plugin only for Test Studio Web and Desktop. We don't offer it for API testing yet.

Q: We use the Test Studio/Visual Studio plug in to create our tests in VB.Net. Is this release compatible with Visual Studio 2015?

A: The Test Studio Web and Desktop projects are compatible with VS 2015.

Q: Is there also a TeamCity-Integration available to automate the tests?

A: Sure there is. Read more about it in this documentation article here.

Q: Can you please explain how to set or store a variable?

A: Please check this documentation article for more information and contact our support team if you have any further questions.

Q: Besides the Test Studio videos do you have quick start projects that we can open to learn more about good practices, like for instance naming conventions and managing tests, finding elements in the HTML tree with non-coded UI tests, etc.?

A: Yes, we have demo projects on startup. Should you have any additional questions please feel free to contact our support team.

Q: Where can I get a reference guide on what you showed for mobile devices?

A: Here you can take a look at our documentation.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar! If you have any feedback, please feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

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Antonia Bozhkova

 is a Product Marketing Manager for Test Studio and Fiddler. Enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and innovation, Antonia enjoys learning from like-minded software developers and testers which also helps her shy away from using marketing lingo in her writing. When she’s not behind the keyboard she likes to be out to sea. Antonia can be found on Twitter as @Bonbonia.

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