Learn more about real device testing with Telerik Test Studio and Bitbar Testdroid Cloud as Ville-Veikko Helppi, Head of Demand Generation at Bitbar, answers some additional questions.

We recently partnered with Bitbar to offer Telerik Test Studio users the ability to test mobile apps across thousands of real devices. It was very exciting and encouraging to see such a good response to our joint webinar. If you missed the webinar, you can watch it now on demand.

In this blog, Ville-Veikko Helppi tackles some of the questions we didn't have time to answer live during the webinar.

Q: We have Telerik AppBuilder (Enterprise), is there any integration available between AppBuilder and Testdroid?

Testdroid provides support for any native Android and iOS applications built on these platforms. Any APK and IPA that is properly built also works on Testdroid.

Q: Why is Testdroid not supporting Cordova Crosswalk apps?

Testdroid supports all Android and iOS applications that run natively as APK or IPA on real devices. Testdroid provides only real mobile devices and hybrid apps require certain web technologies (or browsers) to be included in devices to work properly. 

Q: Do the devices have the ability to receive SMS messages?

This feature is available in Testdroid Private Cloud. Testdroid Cloud is public to every developer and because of this, SIM cards aren't necessarily a good idea.

Q: Are the devices able to connect to the App Store/Google Play, and can I install third-party apps?

Yes, all our devices are connected to the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) and you can install apps from app markets, or via the internet (from third-party providers). Android apps are more straightforward to get installed, but naturally iOS apps are required to be built as "Ad Hoc."

Q: Hi, is it possible to interact with the OS settings, like date change, Wi-Fi and sounds?

Yes, users can preset device configuration before the test execution starts and it’s also possible to change certain properties with test automation framework settings.

Q: How about testing of responsive web sites? 

Yes, as Testdroid hosts real devices, it also can use real mobile browsers (any of them). 

Q: Who is responsible for cleaning up the device after testing?

The system will automatically clean devices after the test session when results are fetched. The system will clean everything from the device (like SD cards and browsers) and reboot the device for the new session.

Q: How can we be 100% sure that's exactly what is happening on the real device?

All logs, screenshots and performance stats are from real devices, and you can see this in the form of logs and screenshots—including the actual Android or iOS notifications on the top.

Q: What are the different options available when creating the project? For example Android and Android UIAutomator.

Testdroid has different project types for different frameworks and tools that can be used to create tests. In the case of Telerik Test Studio, Telerik Android and Telerik iOS projects know the test structure and all assets inside the ZIP file (produced by Test Studio).

Q: How can we run iOS builds in Testdroid Cloud?

Simply create a Telerik iOS project, name it and upload your IPA with the ZIP file including the test assets. Then select devices you want to run your tests on and wait for few minutes.

Q: Hi, how is this different from Perfecto Tool?

Very much. Testdroid Cloud is used by agile mobile app developers around the world, producing the best user-facing apps, games and web stuff. There are no limitations on simultaneous test runs and prices are developer friendly. Testdroid Cloud provides the most diverse device farm globally, with support of literally any frameworks, and now also Telerik Test Studio capabilities.

Q: Are there any statistics regarding what device models are used in general by all users?

Yes, the Testdroid blog occasionally publishes data about devices, tests, robustness of different OS versions, platforms and on which devices tests should be done.

Q: How can I see other practicals like memory leakage and logs?

Click your test run and select any device in that test run. Click the device, and then device view shows results on CPU and memory consumption during the test run.

Did you get started testing on real devices yet? Grab your Test Studio trial and go test your apps on real Testdroid devices for free.

About the Author

Ville-Veikko Helppi

Ville-Veikko (aka ‘W’) heads the marketing and ecosystem building at Testdroid. He has more than 15 years of experience in the embedded software industry, and has been in various engineering, business and leadership roles. W holds a M.Sc. in Technology (Embedded Systems) and a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of Oulu in Finland.

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