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Or How to Ensure It Does what you want

Automating a Grid component can be a challenge and not because it’s hard. It has it subtleties, but it’s not the most complicated thing in the trade, by far. With Telerik Test Studio you can test RadGrid for Asp.Net AJAX with ease and thoroughness. In this blog post I’ll show a few tips that can make this not only possible, but a child’s play for everyone.

Telerik’s software testing solution Test Studio comes with built-in translators for all of its component suites. This means that you get convenient verifications when you hover over specific elements like the Grid’s column headers. In the attached picture you can see a sorting verification.

RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

The same applies for the actions as well – clicking the numbers in the pager will record as a RadGrid specific action for navigating to a given page. Telerik Test Studio provides verifications which validate the pager mode and the selected page. We can also go as far as drag-drop grouping actions and verifications for the currently grouped columns. It’s all there!

RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

Now let’s step back a bit and look at the bigger picture. A good Grid is a composite component. RadGrid is no different in this regard. It contains text boxes, date pickers, combo boxes, HTML editors and what not. When you are automating this control, you actually need all the nested ones to be supported as well. In the upcoming blog posts we’ll be focusing on those. Stay tuned for more details on how to automate your RadEditor, RadComboBox, RadTreeView and more!

But for now I’ll leave you to explore how versatile automating with Test Studio can be!

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About the Author

Pavel Pankov

is a QA Lead at Telerik’s Testing Tools division. He joined the company back in 2007. Through the years he was responsible for part of the Translators and Wrappers for the ASP.NET AJAX controls, and has been actively involved in the adoption and development of Telerik’s software testing product. Now he focuses his attention on the improvement and continuous success of Test Studio. In his spare time he likes to swim and ride his mountain bike.

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