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Back in late 2006 I started this blog, posting content based entirely on the ASP.NET tester’s activities. At the end of summer 2008 I was still completely focused on ASP.NET. You never know what fate will bring you in a month, what about a year or two.

Since the beginning of September 2008 I joined the Telerik Silverlight team. My main responsibilities are to build the test strategy, organize the work in all terms of quality assurance and help the team of talented developers release a great suite of Silverlight controls.

You have probably already seen the latest nice additions to the tools like RadGauge for Silverlight, the Page Navigation framework and the Context Menu for Silverlight for example. Many more are coming in the next few weeks. However, it’s important to work not just on the new tools and features but to put efforts into the tools quality as well. Experience clearly shows that is the way to completely excite our valuable customers.

Does that mean I’m out of the ASP.NET and you won’t see any more ASP.NET content in this blog? Not at all! Along with some folks here I’ve started a brand new and innovative project related to RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX testing. The project is in early development stage, so I’ll keep the secret for a couple of months more. Also, I’m writing some more topics about the test automation of Telerik ASP.NET components suite, so expect a new content on this shortly.

Talking about “automation”, in Silverlight we’ve already announced our goal to provide full UI Automation support of our tools for the official release expected within a couple of weeks. Some implementations, concerning the UI Automation support have already been tested and are being available now in the source, i.e. you can expect new controls covering Accessibility even in the next release candidate.

I’ve just realized I’ve already been performing software test automation for almost 8 years. Just call me an addict, but I can't live without test automation. ;) In WPF and Silverlight this is entirely new world, so, last but not least, expect posts on that very topic and the tools available for Silverlight/WPF components automation testing to your humble tester’s blog in the next months.


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