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Yeah, I know, it's been quite some time since my last post. The ideas keep coming though and I’ve just realized there is no better time for a QA to blog than ... the summer. Do you know why? Well, just because of the summer time! You know, devs are humans too and they also need to rest a bit. ;) I can at least stop bugging around for a while and post some nice, interesting content.

I'm afraid the list of ideas for my future posts is already quite long. However, since I'd like to share the most fascinating with you, the readers, I'd definitely like to hear what you are mostly interested in concerning the QA department here, at Telerik.

Do you want to know about the major bugs we pushed together with the Q2 2008 release, which we announced two weeks ago? Sorry, I have to "disappoint" you -- there are no major bugs out there. ;) Seriously, it's great the customers never hear about most of the bugs we, the QAs know about.

Do you want to know more about the test automation of RadControls? I'll soon prepare some more topics on the test automation, particularly about the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. I'd also like to hear your opinion about some ideas concerning the test automation our customers can do. Do you want to cover your complex RadControls application with automated tests so that you can easily verify everything's working fine on next update? I can prepare a separate post on the subject discussing some ideas in details that might be quite interesting for some of you, I suppose.

I'd also like shortly to post a topic, which would surely come unexpected from a QA blog. It's something I can't find being discussed anywhere on the web, although I'm constantly trying to get information on the matter from the QA blogs. So get ready for a topic discussing the different kind of responsibilities the QA job can offer.

Hope you'll enjoy the upcoming discussions but please feel free to raise questions you'd like to get answered.




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