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“Telerik has empowered our test team to mature its testing strategy and move beyond manual testing in short Sprint cycles” said Kimberly Baker, Director of Quality Assurance at Insperity.

Inspreity was able to achieve their testing goals 30% faster after implementing Telerik® Test Studio®. Here is the story of how they successfully applied a testing strategy and were able to implement the software, infrastructure and usable scripts—all within six months. 

Like many companies, Insperity's SCRUM team is leanInsperity_tagline_Logo2013 (2) on QA testers compared to the number of developers. The ratio of testing to the amount of work meant there was never enough time to achieve what they needed to do. “Faster testing processes were necessary to deliver business value sooner, and with higher quality.” said Baker.

The team needed a better strategy so it could focus on current Sprint work, while automation took care of regression testing. “By automating regression testing, they will be able to provide the coverage needed to keep up with the amount of work," Baker noted.

However, the Insperity QA team was new to automation. This meant Baker had the technical challenge of finding a solution with the breadth to span across multiple applications, and a simple implementation process that didn’t require a deep technical skillset.

One of Baker’s team members recommended the Telerik Test Studio solution. Baker praised Telerik Test Studio as easy to implement and competitively priced, lauding the fact that the licensing model is very flexible and that the solution was ideal for testing web apps thanks to an easy plug-in tool for web automation. 

According to Insperity, implementing the Test Studio solution was about 50 percent faster than using an alternative solution, simply because the interface allowed for easy script development and did not require an extensive coding background.


Read the whole story of how Insperity improved their testing strategy with Telerik Test Studio here.


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Shravanthi Alimilli

Shravanthi Alimilli is a Product Marketing Manager for the Telerik Mobile UI bundle, including UI for NativeScript, iOS, Xamarin and Android. Shravanthi is passionate about emerging technologies and her responsibilities include bringing to market best in class products.

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