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Have you wondered how the teams working on Telerik products test software? In the next chapter of our detailed guide, we give you deeper insight into the processes of our Business Services. You can find past chapters here.

An Introduction

You’re reading the sixth post in a series that’s intended to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the Telerik teams, which are invested in Agile, DevOps, TDD development practices, go about ensuring product quality. 

We’ll share insights around the practices and tools our product development and web presence teams employ to confirm we ship high quality software. We’ll go into detail so that you can learn not only the technical details of what we do but why we do them. This will give you the tools to become testing experts.

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Chapter Three, Part Three: Telerik Business Services—Guarding Business Success 24/7

Visual Verification Test Automation

To test the visual appearance of a website, we need tools and procedures that check the visual appearance and/or the CSS code directly. For that reason, we have created a Test Studio based solution that compares screenshots of the pages. The solution defines expected results by capturing a screenshot of the final version of a page. We run this test nightly to compare the expected page UI with the current one.

Test Execution

Tests are executed via Microsoft Test Controller and Test Agents. Currently our automation tests are executed on eight different machines, in parallel. The execution is triggered via several Jenkins builds.

We use Jenkins to analyze the tests results:


Monitoring and Reporting

Dashing Dashboard provides a common place to show all automation test results. A Sinatra-based framework, Dashing enables you to build useful dashboards that combine different sources of information, including Jenkins tests results, TeamPulse status, GitHub status and more.

Dashing dashboards

Coming Up Next

Next time, we start a new chapter discussing legendary product quality with ever faster release cycles of the developer tools that comprise Telerik DevCraft.

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