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As the WebUI Test Studio for Silverlight support is going to be released in a few months I was thinking of sharing a preview via a real demo simulation.

If you are not familiar with RadDocking for Silverlight, we should emphasize it is one of the most complex Silverlight components out there supporting any layout you might be interested to have. You can find it building the layout of the Bug Tracker Sample Application for example.

The video below shows a simulation of a user changing the layout by pure drag and drop actions. This is exactly what one should get when recording these actions in the WebUI Test Studio design surface. Next I’ll show you the code one can get when converting the recorded test step into CS commands. So here is what this sample test does:


Here is the code standing behind this test – these are just five commands:



The API will contain all the necessary methods so that the user can record or write the test as necessary.


I hope you find that interesting. Stay tuned for more details we’ll share soon.

Konstantin Petkov

Telerik QA, WebUI Test Studio


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