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Silverlight Docking

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  • A Visual Studio-Like Interface

    Provide a Visual Studio-like interface, complete with dockable windows, floating panes and hidden panes.
  • Tabbed-Documents Support

    RadDocking supports tabbed documents to make the most out of your user interface. Plus, you can move tabbed documents from one group to another.
  • Nested Docking

    Use nested RadDocking inside other RadDocking instances for even the most complex layout scenarios. This provides multiple DocumentHosts, levels of docking compass restriction and inner Tabs.
    Docking new features
  • User-Defined Layout Saving and Loading

    Make sure that even the most complicated user-defined layouts can be easily recreated by using the Docking layout saving and loading functionalities. 
  • Fully-Customizable Compass

    Limit placing panes in certain positions to ensure interfaces remain manageable with fully configurable compass.
  • Complex and Streamlined Interfaces

    Pin, hide and unhide panes with the click of a mouse, allowing for both complex and streamlined interfaces with just a few clicks.

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