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As you can imagine, we use a lot of our own products internally - all our teams use our Agile Project Management software, Team Pulse; Sitefinity uses our ASP.NET AJAX tools, ORM and RadControls for Silverlight and Test Studio for automated functional and regression testing; Test Studio uses ORM, RadControls for WPF - and this does not even begin to touch upon the collaboration and cross product use here at Telerik. Well - why not showcase this - why not show how well the Telerik suite of tools can work together to boost your teams productivity?

We thought we would start with the Sitefinity / Test Studio combo. Yesterday Anton Hristov and I got together for a joint product webinar highlighting the combination of these products to help you build, test and deliver robust web solutions. The 1 hour session gave an overview of Test Studio and showed how you can easily automate tests to ensure the integrity of your Sitefinity Solution.

Yesterday's session has been recorded and is now available to view 24/7 on Telerik TV, Enjoy!

Watch Sitefinity 4 Automated Tests with Telerik Test Studio on Telerik TV Now!


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