Telerik Test Studio

Create a Harmonized World for QAs and Developers

Facilitate better collaboration between .NET developers and QA engineers, boosting your team’s productivity. Interplay between code and code-less steps in order to build more complex test scenarios.

  • Telerik Test Studio for QAs

    Point-and-click test recorder. Add conditional logic, invoke JavaScript and desktop commands, handle dialogs, perform image verifications and more—without a single line of code.

    More functional testing features

    Elements used across multiple tests/steps can be stored, shared and referenced from a central location called the Element Explorer.

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  • Telerik Test Studio for Developers

    Use standard .NET programming languages you like. Unlike other testing solutions that force you to use proprietary languages, with Test Studio you leverage real coding languages like C# and VB.NET.

    Check our Visual Studio plugin

    Apply continuous integration with source control and build server execution to allow QAs and developers to collaborate seamlessly focusing on their roles and working independently.

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